Freedom Rings With These 21 America Instagram Captions

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Captain America via Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Party in the USA, baby.

Great America Instagram Captions About the USA

The Fourth of July might be around the corner, but let's be real, it's always a good time to celebrate America. And what better way to showcase your freedom than with the perfect America Instagram captions? Because the beauty of the USA cannot be contained, obviously.

Whether you're looking for the perfect quote about the US or you want a funny America pun for your social media followers, we have got you back, just like Lady Liberty herself. So, it's time to take a dive. Here are the best USA captions for the 'Gram.

Best USA Captions for Instagram

• America: Spilling tea since 1773

• On a scale of one to America, how free are you tonight?

• I like my country how I like my coffee: Strong and free

• Drinkin' booze and refusin' to lose.

• USA is Bae

America Puns for Insta Captions

• America is cool, I guess.

• Go America. Yay Freedom.

• Four score and seven beers ago.

• Party in the USA


Funny USA Captions for Instagram

• I am so Alexander HamilDONE with you.

• I American't Even Right Now

• America is magical

• Drink until congress makes sense

• Time to get star spangled hammered.

• Red, white, and turnt.

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Good Quotes for Instagram Captions About America/USA

• "America is not just a country. It's an idea." - Bono

• "A great change in America begins at the dinner table." - Ronald Reagan

• "America, to me, is freedom." - Willie Nelson

• "Building a better you is the first step to building a better America." - Zig Ziglar

• "I, too, am America." - Langston Hughes