24 5SOS Instagram Captions that Are Kinda Hot

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Don't get amnesia! Here are the best 5 Seconds of Summer Instagram captions.

5 Seconds of Summer Lyrics for the Perfect Instagram Caption

With the downfall of One Direction, at least boyband fans can count on 5 Seconds of Summer for another hit. The band released a new album in 2018 and we hate to say it's kinda good. Feeling inspired by 5SOS? Snap a few pics and tag it with the perfect 5SOS Instagram caption.

Whether you're headed to a 5SOS concert or you want to share the love you have for your boys with a playful lyric, we've got the best 5 Seconds of Summer captions for Instagram.All for the 'Gram, right?

Best 5SOS Captions for Instagram

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• I've got a jet black heart.

• Don't let the colors fade to grey.

• Don't wanna be a victim of authority.

• Here's to teenage memories.

• If you don't know, let me go.

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5 Seconds of Summer Selfie Captions

• It's not a secret that I'm just a reject.

• Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.

• We're taking the long way home.

• I'm just a sucker for anything that you do.

• I don't want to be another social casualty.

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Clever 5SOS Song Lyrics for Captions on Insta

• If you don't swim you will drown.

• You're just a little bit out of my limit.

• We're long lost children.

• I can't change the world, but maybe I'll change your mind.

• Save me from who I'm supposed to be.

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5SOS IG Captions for Concerts

• Just a dream.

• Tomorrow never dies.

• It's the road that leads to nowhere.

• We'll never be as young as we are now.

• Tune out the static sounds of the city that never sleeps.

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5 Seconds of Summer Captions from 2018 Youngblood Album

• Surrender my everything.

• Falling fast, breathing slow.

• Demons hide behind my back.

• Tonight is on me.