31 Times You Felt Like Grey's Anatomy Understood You Better Than Anyone



After 13 seasons, Grey's Anatomy has had a multitude of incredible moments, both good and bad. Fans have continued watching the show because of its insane drama yet relatable characters and moments. So, here are 31 times Grey's has understood you better than anyone!

1. When The Interns Spelled Out Exactly How You Feel About Being An Adult

2. When Cristina Perfectly Depicted How You Feel Before Any First Date

3. When Mer Explained How You Feel About People While You're Suffering

4. When Derek Spoke The Truth About What It Means To Be Human

5. When Cristina Understood What It Means To Be Hangry

6. When Bailey Said What You've Wanted To Say To SO Many People

7. When Meredith Reminded You That It's OK To Let Down Your Guard

8. When Cristina Was You When Attending A Dinner The Was Late

9. When Meredith Was You After Four Months Of Not Shaving

10. When Cristina Summed Up Your Sarcastic Humor Perfectly

11. When Bailey Pushed You To Get Through A Rough Time

12. When Mer Illustrated Exactly How You Feel About Yourself Sometimes

13. When Callie Was Drunk And Didn't Give A Shit About Anything

14. When Cristina Reminded You That Romances Aren't Everything

15. When Mer Was Real About How She Feels About People

16. When People Spontaneously Danced It Out

17. When Even Dream Mer Knew The Truth About The Randomness Of Life

18. When Meredith Reminded You To Tell People You Love Them When You Can

19. And When Lexie Broke Down What It Was Like Not To

20. When Mer Was You On A No Good, Very Bad Day

21. When Cristina Was You When Prioritizing Your Needs

22. When Mer Spoke Directly To You On A Terrible Day

23. When Owen Explained What It Was Like To Try To Let Someone You Love Go

24. When Meredith Reminded Us Of What We All Truly Want

25. When Cristina Explained Resting Bitch Face

26. When Mer Was You When You're On A Carousel Of Bad Things

27. When Bailey Perfectly Illustrated What It Feels Like To Fall Apart

28. When Alex Was You In Your First Relationship

29. When Cristina Was Honest About Getting Through The Holidays

30. When Kepner Was All Of Us Watching The Grey's Eye Candy

31. When Meredith Summed Up What It Is Like To Watch Grey's Anatomy

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