22 Times “Grey’s Anatomy” Went Way Too Far, Dammit

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TBH, the real question is: When did Grey's Anatomy NOT go way too far?

22 Times "Grey's Anatomy" Went Way Too Far, Damnit

Grey's Anatomy has had enough OMG moments to last a lifetime. But, isn't that why we love it so much? We keep getting our hearts broken, but we just keep coming back for more! Regardless, here's every time Grey's Anatomy went way too far!

1. When Derek Died


After 2 seasons, we still aren't over Derek Shepherd's death, especially considering how he died!

2. And We Thought He Was OK


Honestly! We all thought he was safe. He was the hero. It WAS a beautiful day to save lives! But, unfortunately, no one saved him.


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Did anyone else scream when you realized that Meredith just imagined seeing Derek alive at Dillard? We did. We're still screaming. Just internally.

4. When We All Thought The Same Thing With Sloan


How DARE they do the same thing to us with Mark. We thought that he would pull through. He was awake and lively!

5. But Then He Died TOO


At least he died with Callie and Derek. But, that just made it worse TBH.

Why would you do that to us, Shonda?!

6. And Not To Mention His Goodbye To Lexie


If you ask me, Mark and Lexie planning out their future after the plane crash was the saddest moment in Grey's Anatomy history. I get teary eyed just thinking about it.

7. AND Lexie's Death

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Again, Shonda? And Meredith didn't get to say goodbye. To her baby sister. MY. HEART. IS. IN. PIECES.

8. In Fact, Fuck The Entire Plane Crash Episode


From the deaths to the pain it put our favorite doctors through, including Arizona's leg, Derek's hand, and Cristina's PTSD, this event was absolutely unforgivable.

9. When No One Told Cristina She Was Operating On Henry


This made us so angry. Who thought that was a good idea? Maybe it was to show us how robotic Cristina could be when it didn't have to do with her storyline. But still, the entire situation was cruel.

10. And Then He Freaking DIED


Poor Henry. Poor Teddy! Our hearts broke when she finally got to say goodbye and the events that followed.

11. When Izzie Cut Denny's Freaking LVAD Wire


Stupid. Who thought this was a good idea? We know that Izzie loved Denny and wanted that heart transplant, but this made him so much worse. It's almost as foolish as the deer. Almost.

12. And Then He Got Surgery So We Thought He Was OK


We were happy to see Denny fine, even after how upset we were with Izzie for the LVAD wire. But, just wait for it. This is exactly where our trust issues stem from.


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YUP. He died. ALONE. After all of that and the glimpse of hope that Denny would be okay, he dies of a stroke.

14. And Then Came Back As A FREAKING Ghost/Tumor

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As much as we loved having Denny back in our lives, we were pretty upset about this storyline. Honestly! She had Alex!

15. When April And Jackson's Baby Died


Even if we find April annoying sometimes, she didn't deserve this. No one does. We're happy she came out stronger in the end, though!

16. When Cristina Had An Ectopic Pregnancy


It was a brilliant performance by Sandra Oh, who plays Cristina. But, this moment just broke us.

17. And When She Was Left At The Altar By Burke

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While we are ultimately happy that she was free from Burke molding her into someone she wasn't, we still sobbed when we saw her hurting.

18. And Also CHOKED By Owen Because Of PTSD


Okay, this moment was terrifying. We know it wasn't Owen's fault, but we haven't looked at Owen the same since.

19. When Meredith Almost Drowned


Oh, Meredith. We were terrified when she was struggling in the bay, but we were mortified when she stopped swimming. Whether she did it intentionally or not, we're still haunted.

20. And When She Almost Exploded From A Bomb


We were on the edge of our seats the entire time! Then when Meredith was finally free, the bomb just explodes the cool bomb squad guy?! Really, Shonda??

21. When Callie Got In A Car Crash


While this gave us the musical episode, we are still not over Callie and Sofia's brush with death!

22. When Gary Clark Came And Shot Up The Hospital

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NOPE. Everything about this episode was terrifying and it broke every feeling of safety we had for our favorite doctors. NOPE. Just nope.



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