20 Fascinating Facts You Never Knew About Grey's Anatomy


Think you know Grey's? Guess again!

We all love Grey's Anatomy for its crazy drama and amazing characters! It's been on for 13 seasons after all! But, we bet you don't know all of these facts! Check them out!


1. The Original Title Was Extremely Different

The original title of Grey's was *Surgeons! Can you believe that? Awful. It's like something you would watch on a Friday night when you have no plans.

2. The Hospital Could Have Taken Place In Boston, NYC, or Philadelphia

Can you picture this one anywhere outside of Seattle? (The answer is no.)

3. Jo Wilson And Owen Hunt Are British

OMG. WHAT?! Camilla Luddington, who plays Jo Wilson, is speaking with an English accent in the video above and Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen Hunt, can be found speaking in his Scottish accent in the film Maid of Honor. That's so crazy! They hide it so well!

4. Shonda Rhimes Didn't Want Grey's Anatomy To Be SAPPY

Can you believe that one? Rhimes revealed in her writing masterclass: "I don't believe in melodrama and I don't believe in EARNEST SAPPY MOMENTS." Funny how life works, huh?

5. All The Doctors Were Supposed To Smoke

YES. All of our favorite doctors were supposed to have this incredibly unhealthy habit. ESPECIALLY Meredith. We're pretty happy that the producers cut this out.

6. Rob Lowe Could Have Played McDreamy


Rob Lowe was originally offered the role of Derek Shepherd. But, he ended up turning it down to star in the CBS show Dr. Vegas. We're SOOO happy it turned out the way it did, though! Patrick Dempsey is definitely the best man to play McDreamy!

7. Arizona Robbins Could Have Been Played By Someone Else, Too!

Jessica Capshaw, who now plays the beloved Arizona Robbins, auditioned for Grey's Anatomy three times for three different roles! She first auditioned for Nurse Rose. Then she auditioned for Sadie Harris. Finally, she auditioned and landed the role for Arizona. If that isn't an inspiring story to just keep trying, then I don't know what is!


Bailey was originally supposed to have blonde curly hairs. Can you believe that one? No. We like Bailey exactly how she is!

9. Preston Burke Was Already Supposed To Be Married


Burke, who fell for Cristina early in the series, was supposed to have a wife and kids who made him feel "trapped." Very weird. We like how things turned out, honestly.

10. Ellis Grey's Name Was Originally Helen

Yup! Meredith's mom was supposed to be named Helen. Not a huge deal, but it definitely sounds a lot more...approachable.

11. Meredith's Voiceovers Were Supposed To Be From Her Visits To Her Mother

Maybe that means their relationship would have been a little different, considering she would actually go and see her mother. Maybe.

12. You Could Send In A Medical Storyline


The writers do A LOT of research when it comes to medical storylines. I mean, it is a medical drama! Writers will often read a bunch of medical journals or stories that viewers have sent in that they find interesting!

13. Shonda Rhimes Knows A LOT More About The Characters Than We Do

That goes without saying, of course. But, Rhimes makes up details about her characters that don't make it into the script. She does it so that her characters feel more real.

14. Preston Burke's Mother Owned A Restaurant In Alabama

Shonda would constantly remind herself of this fact so that he would feel more real. She said, "Those details were very important for me and internalized."

15. Henry Burton and Eliza Minnick Are Married In Real Life


YUP. Just let that one sink in. They have kids together, too. Do you hate Henry now? Or love Minnick?

16. Grey's Anatomy Was Pitched As A More Grounded Sex And The City

If you've ever thought that the two shows were similar, you're right. Rhimes told her masterclass that she would compare Mer's point of view to "a more grounded version of Carrie's articles in Sex and the City" in order to sell the story.

17. Grey's Had Interesting Ways Of Covering Up Real-Life Pregnancies

Remember when Meredith donated her liver to Thatcher and was bedridden? Ellen was pregnant! Then when Arizona went to Africa for a while because Jessica gave birth to her daughter? Capshaw was pregnant! And remember when Lexie was all stressed out over Mark and Derek and started binge eating? The writers were poking fun at (and trying to hide) Chyler' Leigh's pregnancy.

18. Cristina Yang Was Supposed To Fall In Love With Denny

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Okay. Not Denny exactly. But, Cristina's original storyline was basically the one that was given to Izzie. She was supposed to fall in love with a patient. Could you imagine her doing that? Crazy.

19. Richard Webber Was NOT Supposed To Be Kind

Webber was supposed to be "not a warm man—with his patients, with his students, with his family."Honestly, this would have been terrible considering that we all love Papa Webber!

20. The Musical Episode Took A LOT Of Effort


The musical was interesting, to say the least. But, everyone definitely remembers it. But, did you know that it took some major convincing from the writers and actors to get it started? Shonda Rhimes, Chandra Wilson, Sara Ramirez, and Kevin McKidd, all put on a concert for ABC producers to convince them that the musical should happen! Then, in order to get Callie to sing over her injured body, a double was used, and post production digitally mapped her face to the body. Does anyone else suddenly have some major respect for the Grey's crew?

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