19 Times Grey's Anatomy Kicked Us Right in the Heart Parts


Shonda Rhimes knew EXACTLY what she was doing.

Have you ever felt personally victimized by Shonda Rhimes? Well, you've come to the right place! Because so have we! But, isn't that sort of why we love the show? Regardless, here are 19 times that Grey's Anatomy kicked us right in the heart parts!

1. When The Plane Crash Killed Lexie

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This was one insanely heartbreaking moment. Even if she could get a little annoying from time to time, we all fell in love with Lexie (and her relationship with Mark) immediately. She did not deserve going out like this!

2. When Izzie And George Were On The Elevator To Heaven

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

OMG. We were shocked when we saw this for the first time. Honestly, it takes our breaths away every time we rewatch, too. Two of our favorite OG interns in danger? Hell no!

3. When Derek Died


SIGH. Probably one of the most devastating and infuriating deaths in Grey's Anatomy history. I mean, IT DIDN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN! He was almost out of the woods when, suddenly, he wasn't. We lost McDreamy to something that McDreamy could have fixed himself. And Mer...poor Mer. It's just so sad!

4. And Every Flashback (And Mention) Of Derek After His Death

Since his departure in Season 11, Grey's has shown multiple flashbacks and mentions of McDreamy to torture the hearts of fans! Despite showing us that Mer may finally be moving on with her life, it is heartbreaking to watch Mer go through all of it in waves. She truly loved him. They were extraordinary together, after all.

5. When Meredith Put Her Hand On The Bomb

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

What was she thinking? She put her life and our hearts in danger in one fell swoop! And then, when she got out of it safely, Shonda went off and killed Coach Taylor (a.k.a. Dylan Young). Damn you, Shonda!!

6. When Meredith Nearly Drowned


This was so sad to see, especially since we aren't 100% sure if Mer stopped swimming out of choice rather than hypothermia. It chills us to our core just thinking about it.

7. And Then Derek Was Completely Devastated


And then it's just as heartbreaking to see Derek so broken, as he sits in the waiting room to see whether or not Mer will live. We cannot get over this scene.

8. When Callie Lost Custody Of Sophia


What's more devastating than the Calzona divorce? How could Shonda possibly top that? A custody battle between Callie and Arizona..of course. We're pretty happy things turned out ok in the end, but we definitely raged when it happened.

9. When Everyone Found Out Henry Died


It hurt a lot when Cristina found out it was Henry. But, when Teddy found out, it was like Shonda personally came to our homes to rip out our hearts for fun. After all, not only did Teddy lose her husband, she lost her best friend, too, since Owen was the one who decided to lie to her face.

10. When Derek And Callie Said Goodbye To Mark


After Lexie's death, Shonda gave us hope by keeping Mark alive. He even got better for a good two seconds! However, that's when things just fell apart. We sobbed as Mark's two best friends said goodbye, and we cursed Shonda for getting our hopes up.

11. When Cristina Had Her Ectopic Pregnancy


Kudos to Sandra Oh (who plays Cristina Yang) for this heartbreaking, yet so incredibly well-done scene. But, it definitely broke all of us to watch Cristina go through that.

12. Every Time Someone Got Shot In The Hospital Shooting


Reed's death was shocking. Alex getting shot was distressing. Charles' death was infuriating. And Derek getting shot was heart-wrenching. NO. NO, SHONDA. YOU DO NOT GET TO DO THIS. NO!

13. When Denny Died


This episode is probably one of the more devastating episodes of earlier seasons. When we thought he was safe, Denny just...died, completely alone and without Izzie. Just gut out our insides, why don't ya?!

14. When Maggie's Mom Died


This was JUST. SO. SAD. Maggie didn't know that her mom has breast cancer. In fact, everyone let her believe that her mom was getting a boob job. By the time Maggie found out, it was too late. Maggie crying over her mom's death was probably one of the most devastating moments of mid-season 13.

15. When Everyone In The Damn Room Was Meredith's Family


We were all on the edge of our seats when Mer got beat up by a patient. Scratch that. We were terrified and upset! She didn't deserve that and we still wince every time we watch the scene. But, it's when Alex says this that we desperately gasped for air with full on sobs and ugly crying.

16. When April And Jackson Said Goodbye To Their Baby


Poor Jackson. Poor April. They've been through so much, and when Samuel died, it broke both the couple and the audience, whether they were Japril fans or not.

17. When Perfect Penny Told Everyone How Derek Died

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This entire dinner was so intense in the quietest way possible. The tension was building the entire time and had us sobbing by the end of the night. We were all shocked when Mer told everyone that "Perfect Penny" killed her husband. We were torn apart when Amelia kept demanding to know what happened to her brother.

18. When Stephanie Almost Died And Then Quit


WOW. The last two episodes of Season 13 not only reminded us of why we love Grey's Anatomy, it also made us fall in love with how badass Edwards was. She lit a rapist on fire, jumped in front of an explosion, and survived (thanks to television magic). It made us panic from beginning to end, but it broke our hearts when she thanked Webber for everything he had done for her, but ultimately quit in the end.

19. When Cristina Left


A lot of fans will say that the show hasn't felt the same without Cristina Yang. She played a huge part in why we love the series. Dancing it out with Mer was the best and worst thing that could have happened for Yang's exit. It was beautiful, but it shredded our hearts into a million pieces.

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