19 “Grey’s Anatomy” Confessions From The Show’s Greatest Fans!


For those of you who feel more emotion from watching Grey’s than in real life.

The Grey's Anatomy fan base has been strong for 12 years. That's a lot of time to grow! So, here are 21 confessions from some of the BIGGEST Grey's Anatomy fans!

1. Mertina Forever!

2. It's Really Not The Same Without Him

3. How We All Feel At The End Of Every Season

4. We're ALL Surgeons Now

5. This, Basically!

6. Who Else Does This?

7. You Go, Glenn Coco!!

8. TBH, SAME. So Glad I Decided To Give It A Go

9. You Know You're A Huge Grey's Fan When...

10. Minus All The Tragedy, Of Course!


11. This Person Has Their Priorities Straight

12. This Is ADORABLE

13. I'm In It Until The End

14. There Seems To Be A Theme Here!

15. YAASSS! Karev Is Honestly The Best!

16. It'd Be Cool To Share Grey's With Them Too

17. Anyone Else?

18. Lucky For This Person, There Is No End In Sight As Of Now

19. Did Anyone Else Do This When They First Started?

What's your Grey's Anatomy confession?

h/t: Buzzfeed

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