18 Times You Wanted To Quit Watching Grey's Anatomy


And yet we just can't stop!

Grey's Anatomy has been around for a long time. It has gained a lot of fans along the way, but it has lost a few as well with good reason, considering all of the crazy stuff that has happened in 13 seasons. But, even if Grey's Anatomy is filled with intense and crazy moments, it's also why we love it so much! We could never actually quit! So, here are 18 Times you probably wanted to quit watching Grey's Anatomy!

1. When Derek Picked Addison Over Meredith


As one of the biggest disappointments of earlier seasons, this one gets fans pretty upset. It even happened after Meredith's famously moving "Pick me. Choose me. Love me" speech!

2. When Denny Duquette Died

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Just when we thought that Denny was going to survive after Izzie stupidly cut his LVAD wire, he died. And he died alone. To say we couldn't take the heartbreak is an understatement!

3. When Izzie Operated On A Deer


Oh...my. This definitely wasn't one of Shonda's best writing moments. It was just ridiculous and made Izzie look crazy - and not in a good way.

4. When Burke Left Cristina At The Altar

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Poor Cristina. She didn't deserve any of this. From the decorations to her wedding dress, her wedding to Burke would have been anything but Cristina Yang. Even if we are glad she got out, it was frustrating that Burke just left her there and instantly moved out! Not cool!

5. When Gary Clark Came And Shot Up The Hospital

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Even if this was an episode that caught out interests, it felt like half the cast was gone. We already knew that no one was safe, but this episode proved to viewers that the show isn't for the faint of heart.

6. When Izzie Had Crazy Ghost Sex

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And then it turned out she had cancer instead. Either way, this was a ridiculous arc. It was weird when she had the crazy loud ghost/tumor sex. But, it was devastating when she figured out that she had cancer. We were not ready to say goodbye to one of our OG interns!

7. When George Died


Going off of #6, we were definitely not expecting this one and super upset it happened. We were expecting something bad to happen to Izzie. At least we had the chance to prepare ourselves. George just got run over by a freaking bus!

8. When Meredith Almost Drowned


This hurt us deeply, especially when we realized we weren't sure if Mer stopped swimming because she wanted to kill herself. We're happy our girl got out ok or else we would have had to stop watching right there and then!

9. When Arizona And Callie Divorced


This can basically include all the crappy things that lead up to their divorce, too. But, it sucked to watch this amazing couple shatter after everything they had been through. And soon after, Callie left the show, which just shifted the whole dynamic of the show.

10. When The Musical Episode Happened

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Even if the musical episode is probably the most talked about episode in Grey's history, it's definitely one of the weirdest. A lot of fans actually stopped watching after this episode, too.

11. When Owen Cheated on Cristina

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We're all Cristina when she chucks that bowl of cereal in Owen's face. It's just infuriating, after all they've been through with the pregnancy and abortion, that he would do that. Gross, Owen!

12. When The Plane Crash Episode Happened


Another episode where the cast seems to be cut in half. We watched Lexie die and then Mark soon after. A lot of fans couldn't take these major losses and quit. It's just so devastating!

13. When Cristina Left


The show hasn't felt the same since her departure! The Twisted Sisters were so important to the show! We still miss her presence. Please bring her back, Shonda!

14. When Derek Died


Another hard hitter. Cue ugly crying. Grey's without McDreamy is like cereal without milk. It's pretty weird. But, at least the cast is still doing a pretty great job without him!

15. When Maggie Admitted She Also Liked Riggs


Just when it seemed like Meredith might find someone who could help her get over Derek, this happens. We all want love for everyone, but a love triangle involving half-sisters that are still getting to know each other? Shonda, why??

16. When Jackson Almost Died In The Bus Crash


An intense and crazy moment, for sure! But, our hearts almost exploded because we thought our favorite Avery was dead!

17. Anytime A New Character Is Introduced


Admit it! You hated the Mercy West people and Minnick. Change might be a good thing, but not when it comes to new characters on Grey's Anatomy! At least they either get the boot or we grow to love them.

18. When We All Thought Alex Was Going To Jail


Just when we thought things couldn't get more intense, the two remaining OG interns seemed like they were about to dwindle down to one. And that just cannot happen! Who would be Meredith's person then?! Huh??

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