17 Things All Grey's Anatomy Fans Say

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We bet you'll be saying "SAME" at least 5 times!

Grey's Anatomy is just one of those shows that reels the viewer in. You get attached to the characters, you feel involved with the storyline, and most of all, you get super upset when something happens to your favorites. It's just another day in the life of a Grey's fan! So, here are 17 things you've probably said because of Grey's Anatomy!

1. "You're My Person."


Whether they know what this means or not, you've definitely said this to your best friend. I mean, how else would they know that they're the person you would call if you murdered someone and you needed help dragging the corpse across the living room floor? True friendship right there!

2. "It's A Beautiful Day To Save Lives!"


If you haven't said this when putting on gloves or pretended you were a surgeon...you are lying! We've all done this at one point or another.

3. "Just One More Episode..."

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You know how this vicious cycle goes. You keep telling yourself to watch just one more...

4. "I've Made A Horrible Mistake."


...and then one episode turns into 10 episodes in one sitting. Suddenly, it's 4 AM and you have no idea what happened to the time! RIP your sleep schedule.

5. "Seriously?"


Seriously. You say this whenever applicable and suddenly, you feel like a real-life Meredith Grey.

6. "I Can Be A Surgeon, Right?"

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We have watched 12.5 seasons of Grey's Anatomy. This qualifies us to be surgeons! Totally!!

7. "Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me."


Anytime someone says, "Pick me," you probably automatically think "Choose me. Love me." It's just a given! Whether you've said this to your dog because he/she doesn't want to play with you or you've said this to win the love of your life, we've all said it at some point!

8. "I HATE *Insert New Character Here*!"


Just admit it, every time the show introduces a new character, you automatically hate them. Remember the Mercy West merger? How about Callie when she first came to Grey's? The new batch of interns? And don't even get me started on Minnick!

9. "I LOVE *Insert New Character Here*!"


Buuut, we all eventually fall in love with most of the new characters...after they've had some time to grow, that is!

10. "Do You Like Grey's Anatomy?"


Possibly the easiest way to make friends. The fanbase is huge because the show has been going on for so long! You can basically strike up a conversation about Grey's with everyone and their grandmother.

11. "Yes, The Show Is Still On-Air."

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Sigh. This one gets kind of annoying, especially if they're non-watchers. They just don't understand! But, I suppose it's expected since the show has been going on for 12 years and counting!

12. "Is This A Joke?"


You probably say this every time you watch an episode of Grey's. The mind of Shonda Rhimes is incredible. But, that also means there are crazy plot twists and deaths that are so shocking, you think they're fake.

13. "Damnit, Karev!"

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Yup. Ever since Season 1. Whether he's giving George syphilis or beating up DeLuca, you can't help but get frustrated at our favorite bad boy for doing stupid stuff.

14. "We were ALL rooting for you!"


Whether it's Karev, Webber with his drinking, Owen cheating on Cristina, or just Shonda Rhimes in general - just to name a few - you always want what's best for the characters on Grey's. So, it doesn't come to a surprise that you get angry at them for screwing up.

15. "Why Does Everyone Keep Dying?"


This is Grey's Anatomy. Need I explain more? Legit everyone is always dying or leaving the show. No one is safe!

16. "Why Can't They Just Be Happy?"


This is often said while watching the show. Then, you might remember that it is Grey's. But, that doesn't stop wishful thinking!

17. "Why, Shonda Rhimes?!"


Let's be real. We scream this when we watch the show and after. I'm still asking this same question in regards to that plane crash episode.

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