16 Reasons Why ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Needs a Romance Between Two Men


Get with the times, people!

16 Reasons Why ‘Grey's Anatomy' Needs a Romance Between Two Men

Grey's Anatomy is incredibly inclusive, at least compared with the majority of shows on television today! But, why hasn't there been a romance between two men before? It seems a bit odd, no? So, here's 16 reasons why Grey's Anatomy needs a romance between two men!

1. A Romance Between Two Major Male Characters Hasn't Happened Yet On Grey's


2. Because Homophobes Would Hate It

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

3. We've Only Seen A Few Gay And Bisexual FEMALE Doctors


4. We've Even Seen Gay Male Patients

5. Younger Viewers Would Be Influenced By It


6. And May Further Normalize Gay Relationships


7. Shonda Rhimes Is Already An Advocate


8. And Other Shondaland Shows Have Gay Male Leads


9. Fans (And We) Are So Ready

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

10. ABC Needs To And Should Continue To Strive For LGBT-Inclusive Content


11. Especially After Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres) Called Her Out On Their Take On Bisexuals

12. Grey's Needs To Have Better LGBTQ Presence

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

13. It Would Make Us Feel A Little Better About Isaiah Washington's Comments


14. We NEED More LGBTQ Representation In Our Media

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

15. Especially Since At Least 7% Millennials Identify As LGBT


16. Literally Any Male Doctor COULD Hook Up With A Guy


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