16 Love Lessons We Learned From Grey’s Anatomy


"Pick me. Choose me. Love me." - Meredith Grey

16 Love Lessons We Learned From Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is known for its extraordinary relationships, from Meredith Grey's great romantic loves to complicated relationships. There were ups and there were downs, but nothing was short of spectacular. So, here are 16 love lessons that we learned from Grey's Anatomy!

1. You Don't Always Need Romantic Love To Fulfill Your Needs

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2. You Can Have More Than One Love Of Your Life


3. You Need To Love Yourself First


4. Sometimes You Need To Put Yourself Out There


5. And Never Hold In How Much You Love Someone


6. Before It's Too Late


7. Talk About Your Goals In Life Before Getting Married

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

8. Find Love Outside of Romantic Love


9. Sometimes You Have To Let Go To Be Free


10. Sometimes You Have To Fight For What You Want


11. Even If It Is Uncomfortable


12. Put The Needs Of Those You Love In Front Of Yours Sometimes


13. Everyone Wants To Be Close


14. Love Is Exhausing


15. Because Anything Can Happen


16. But In The End, It's Worth It

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