16 Highlights and Lowlights From 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 13


Here are the best (and worst) moments of Grey's Anatomy Season 13!

16 Highlights and Lowlights From 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 13

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 was one hell of a ride, whether you loved it or hated it! So, in honor of Grey's Anatomy Season 14 coming up on the horizon, we're taking a look at 16 highlights and lowlights of Grey's Anatomy Season 13! Let's see if your favorite (and least favorite) parts of Grey's Anatomy Season 13 made our list!

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Highlights

1. Meredith's Maturity In The Season 13 Finale

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Meredith has always been a flawed character. But, that's why we love her. She's human. That's exactly what we are, too. But, we saw something in Meredith that we haven't really noticed until the Season 13 finale. She has grown up. When she found out about Megan Hunt, she didn't try to hide it from Riggs and she didn't fall apart. She became so much more than that gifted intern that fell in love with the hot-shot surgeon. And we're so happy that the show has been on long enough to show us!

2. Jackson And April Hooking Up In Montana

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We were so happy to see that Jackson and April hooked up again in Season 13! It broke our hearts when they separated, but they've always been a couple worth cheering for. And it definitely shows us that no matter what happens, they'll always come back to each other! While we still don't know what happened after Montana, we're just happy to get a glimpse of Japril again!

3. The Maggie/Meredith/Riggs Love Triangle Coming To An End

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We were so happy that Maggie finally found out about Meredith and Riggs. There was so much unnecessary lying and drama regarding this storyline that fans were starting to turn their backs on Maggie. We just hope this doesn't happen again with Maggie, Jackson, and April in Season 14!

4. Stephanie Edwards


It took fans some time to fall in love with Edwards, but Season 13 definitely made it clear that she is and will forever be a badass (whether or not she is a doctor)! She burned a rapist alive, which blew up the hospital, and did everything she could to save a little girl. While we're sad to see her go, we're glad she went out a hero.

5. And Ben Warren


Okay, so Ben was basically the only voice of reason during Season 13 when it came to all the drama regarding Eliza Minnick. He stood up to his wife (and Chief) and he was the only one capable of getting shit done without bickering when it came to Jackson, April, Catherine, and Webber. Bless him for saving us from rolling our eyes to death.

6. Alex And Meredith's Friendship


Whether you like them as a romantic couple or not, it was undeniable that Alex and Meredith are here for each other for life after Season 13. They will fight for each other until the very end, no matter how hard it gets. They are each other's "person". And if that phone call in the midseason finale didn't make you cry, then nothing will.

7. When Alex Stalked Jo's Husband


Even if we were terrified for both Alex and Jo, we were on the edge of our seats throughout the whole thing, which hasn't happened since earlier seasons. OMG. When we thought that Alex had screwed up again twice? So crazy.

8. Derek Shepherd Flashbacks

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We were sobbing throughout Meredith's hallucination of Derek scrubbing in, to flashbacks of MerDer during "In the Air Tonight". But, we wouldn't have it any other way. (Unless Derek Shepherd came back for real, that is.) It was a great way of showing us just how important moving on to Riggs was to Meredith, even if it did break our hearts in the process, too.

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Lowlights

9. The Maggie/Jackson/April Love Triangle Blooming

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10. When DeLuca Almost Admitted His Feelings For Jo


11. Diane's Death


Okay. So, we loved this moment because it was heartwarming seconds before it was heartbreaking. But, that's exactly why we hated it, too. We fell in love with Maggie's mom, Diane, and the presence she brought on screen! We just hate that she's gone!

12. When DeLuca Dropped The Charges


To be honest, the entire jail storyline was flawed, slow, and pointless. We were all super scared for Karev, and the only thing that happened was that DeLuca decided to drop the charges. It feels like we're still waiting for the penny to drop.

13. Eliza Minnick's Existence


Even though we're happy with the drama she brought to Grey's Anatomy Season 13, we're still angry with Minnick as a character. We hated her from the start, from her intentions to oust Webber to her robotic ways of handling patients. We're so happy to be rid of her.

14. And Arizona's Weird Character Development


Speaking of Minnick, it was weird seeing Arizona act so weird. And it really sucked, considering Arizona and Minnick are Grey's Anatomy's only members of the LGBTQ community. But, it seemed like Arizona's only purpose was to get into Minnick's pants. She forgot about her loyalties to Webber and to Alex when it came to Minnick. It was incredibly frustrating to watch.

15. The Lack Of Alex Karev


Honestly, Karev needs more screen time in Season 14 or we have some reason to believe that he's being phased out. His court storyline went nowhere and past that, we didn't see much from Alex other than stalking Paul, and even that amounted to nothing in Season 13. We just want to see more Alex! Please, Shonda!

16. The Addition Of Leah Murphey


Does anyone even remember the last time we saw Leah? Because we don't. Did her addition bring anything to the table in Season 13 other than making Arizona uncomfortable for 2 seconds? Not really. We're hoping her storyline opens up Maggie's a bit more. It'd be nice to see that! But, until then, Leah's addition was unnecessary.

*What was your favorite and least favorite part of Grey's Anatomy Season 13?!


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