15 Truly Awwww Worthy Baby Names Inspired By Grey's Anatomy


Need a cute baby name? We've got you covered!

What's better than the doctors and drama of Grey's Anatomy? Babies that are named after your favorite doctors on Grey's Anatomy! Here is a list of 15 truly adorable Grey's inspired baby names (in no particular order)!

1. Grey

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Let's be real here - this name is just adorable. This gender-neutral name takes the cake when it comes to Grey's inspired baby names!

2. Calliope (Callie)


Too cute! Although this intense name may take an acquired taste, you cannot deny how adorable this name is!

3. Lexie

Grey's Anatomy via Disney-ABC Domestic Television

Simple and cute. Maybe you'll even name your kid this in the hopes that they have a photographic memory, so you can call them Lexiepedia!

4. Arizona


Strong like the USS Arizona? AND one of the greatest Peds surgeon ever? Absolutely perfect!

5. Pierce

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Maggie might be relatively new on the block, but her name is absolutely piercing!

6. Bailey

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Who wouldn't want to name their kid after the beautifully strong and compassionate Chief of Surgery?

7. Mercy


Named after the original Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, your baby would be absolutely unstoppable!

8. Avery

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Classic and adorable - the Avery name is a force to be reckoned with in the Grey's Anatomy universe. And we bet this legacy would rub off on your kid by association alone!

9. Ellis


Even if we know that Ellis wasn't a great mom to Meredith, her name is still super cute! Let's just hope that the only things your kid inherits from Ellis Grey are her talents and smarts!

10. Sloan


This name is truly adorable! We simply cannot get enough! And what could be more amazing than being named after the one and only McSteamy?

11. April


Just like this trauma surgeon, there is no denying that April is an adorable baby name! Doesn't it just bring a smile to your face?

12. Zola


OMG! If you're a huge fan of Mer and Der, this is a total must! Your baby will totally be just as cute as adorable baby Zola! Totally awww-worthy!

13. Addison


Just imagine your baby being named after this brilliant and fabulous surgeon! (And also nicknaming her Addy!) Super cute!

14. Theodora (Teddy)

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Another one that might take an acquired taste! But, you can always nickname (or simply name) your kid Teddy! Either way, we think that this name is precious!

15. Izzie


Doesn't this name just make you smile? Not only is this name just darling, it is also inspired by one of the most compassionate and caring doctors on Grey's!

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