14 Hopes For Grey's Anatomy Season 14


Everything we want for Grey's Anatomy Season 14! Feel free to take note, Shonda!

14 Hopes For Grey's Anatomy Season 14

Since Grey's Anatomy Season 13 ended in May, we have been patiently waiting for Grey's Anatomy Season 14 to begin! But, until then, we can only hope for a spectacular Grey's Anatomy Season 14! So, here is everything we hope will happen in Grey's Anatomy Season 14! Let us know if you agree with our picks!

1. Megan Hunt Will Cause Chaos


As much as we would love for Meredith, Owen, and Riggs to be happy in Season 14, that wouldn't make much of an interesting story. We want to see her start some chaos when she first arrives, and we want to see our favorite doctors navigate through it.

2. And Maybe Even Become A Series Regular


Once the drama has been settled down, we would love to see Megan return as a series regular, especially after seeing how amazing her chemistry with Kevin McKidd (Owen Hunt).

3. A Hospital That Does "Better"


We loved Edwards' heroic acts in the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale. But, we wonder if she would've still quit if she got the proper mental health support after Kyle's death. Clearly, things at Grey Sloan Memorial need to change, but in their own way (and without Minnick).

4. But Meredith And Riggs Will Get Back Together


While he's no McDreamy, Nathan has definitely grown on us! We want to see Meredith and Nathan find their way back to each other!

5. Or Meredith Will Find Someone New

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Okay, okay. So maybe it doesn't have to be Nathan. We wouldn't mind if Meredith found someone else. We just want our girl to get some!

6. Jo's Abusive Husband Storyline Will Wrap Up


We've been waiting for this storyline to happen since Season 12! That's too long. We want to see Jo and Alex safe, away from Dr. Paul Stadler.

7. And We'll See More Of Alex


Did anyone else notice how little Karev we got in Grey's Anatomy Season 13? It was unsettling. We want to see him get a great storyline in Grey's Anatomy Season 14!

8. Amelia And Owen Will Reconcile

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It's time for the "Owen vs the woman he is married to, but doesn't want a baby" storyline to end. It wasn't fun when it was Cristina. It isn't fun now with Amelia. We want them to get back together and move on! Give us something else!

9. We Will See The Firefighters In The Grey's Anatomy Spinoff

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Not only do we want to see the new characters of the Grey's Anatomy firefighter spinoff, we want to actually get to know them! And possibly see how they might fit in with the Grey's Anatomy cast for future crossover episodes, of course!

10. And Maybe Ben Will Have Something To Do With The Spinoff, Too


After Ben went full firefighter mode in the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 finale, we were all thinking that Ben would be headed for the spinoff. Unfortunately, we don't think that will happen anymore. But, perhaps some Shondaland magic will happen and we'll see Ben become the connection between the firefighters and doctors of Seattle.

11. Leah Will Get A Storyline

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Anyone who has seen Grey's Anatomy Season 13 will question why Leah Murphey was brought back in the first place. Her return has added nothing to the series so far. We hope that changes in the future.

12. And Maybe DeLuca, Too


Other than his awkward crush on Jo, DeLuca doesn't have much going for him. Looks-wise, he's basically the love child of McDreamy and McSteamy! We want to see more from him!

13. Callie Will Come Back


Who wouldn't love a Callie Torres return? She would kick so much ass upon her return, especially for everything that Minnick has done! Imagine all the amazing Ortho cases we would get! AND imagine seeing Sofia again!

14. Cristina Will Come Back

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The title says it all. We want the Twisted Sisters to be reunited and it'd be great to see what Cristina has to say about Owen and Amelia's situation!

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