13 Reasons Why Alex and Meredith Will Never Get Together


MerLex will never ever ever get together!

13 Reasons Why Alex and Meredith Will Never Get Together

The MerLex game was strong in Grey's Anatomy Season 13! However, we aren't sure that we're up for it and we aren't sure where it will go in the upcoming Season 14. So, here are 13 reasons why MerLex will never get together!

1. They Are Already Each Other's Person


2. And We Don't Want That Dynamic To Change

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3. Seriously! They Have The Perfect Friendship


4. Alex Is Totally Meant To Be With Jo


5. And Meredith Has JUST Moved On From Derek With Riggs


6. And We're Pretty Sure She Has Some Unfinished Business With Him In Season 14


7. Especially After She Looked Past Her Own Feelings And Told Him About Megan's Arrival

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8. Ellen Pompeo Doesn't Really See It Happening

9. Even If Justin Chambers Says That "Anything Can Happen"


10. They're Basically Siblings And It Would Just Feel So WRONG


11. PLUS They Have The Best Friendship On Grey's Right Now

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12. So Why Would Shonda Ruin A Good Thing?


13. Especially Since They Are The Last Two Left


Or maybe that's exactly why they will end up together...

Do you want MerLex to happen Grey's fan??

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