13 Reasons Watching Grey's Anatomy Makes You A Better Human


The life lessons Grey's has taught us to make us all better people.

Did you know there is research that correlates watching quality television dramas with higher emotional intelligence? That means that you'll be more likely to recognize, evaluate, and regulate your emotions as well as emotions around you. Grey's Anatomy is filled to the brim with life lessons that drive you to be better for yourself and people around you. It's actually one of our favorite things about the show! So, here are 13 reasons why watching Grey's makes you a better human!

1. Tell The People You Love That You Love Them


Grey's has always made it clear to let the people you love know that you love them! Before you know it, they could be gone because life is short.

2. Forgive Others


As Richard says, you don't necessarily have to like someone to forgive them. Always learn to forgive people and you will be happier in the long run.

3. You Gotta Pick Yourself Up Sometimes


Even if things get bad, you gotta get through life and just live life to its fullest! We understand that things suck sometimes, but eventually, you have to just get back in there!

4. Understand That Living Life Doesn't Always Mean Being Happy ALL The Time


But, not everyone has to be super happy every second of their life! It's ok to wallow from time to time (just make sure to get back in there)! It's also ok to be dark and twisty while you're excelling through life! You do you!

5. Put Needs Of Others In Front Of Your Own Sometimes


A lot of strong relationships on Grey's have sacrifice. Obviously, don't give up everything for your significant other or person, but a little give and take is all you need!

6. Don't Walk Away When It Comes To Your Friends


Be there. No matter what (minus a few things, obviously), just be there. And make sure that they know you're there. Friendship is forever.

7. Know How To Be A Force Of Nature On Your Own


Relationships are awesome. It's what makes our world go round. However, know what you want and don't let anything stop you because you are a force of nature!

8. Believe In Second Chances


Even when things get tough, never let your hope in love and second chances die. But, it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.

9. Believe In Yourself And Others


You can get through anything! Just believe in yourself. And everyone deserves to be believed in when things get hard, so make sure you let others know, too.

10. Appreciate The Things (And People) That You Have


A lot of the doctors on Grey's regret decisions they've made because they didn't appreciate what they had until it was gone. Don't follow in their footsteps! Learn from their mistakes. Love and appreciate everything that comes your way!

11. Always Be Honest About How You Feel


Honesty is always the best policy. When was the last time a lie on Grey's ever went well?! But, even if you're scared, just make sure you're being honest.

12. Don't Be Afraid To Get Close


Humans are definitely social creatures. Even if dark and twisty Meredith doesn't seem like she wants to be close to anybody, she does crave it at least from time to time. You don't have to be a social butterfly, but make sure you aren't letting fear get in the way of being close.

13. Humans Are Flawed


Like Derek is saying above, we all make mistakes. So what if we are flawed? It's what makes us human. No one (even our favorite doctors on Grey's) is perfect. It's going to be okay! Work towards being better, but don't become overwhelmed in every mistake a person makes (including yourself)!

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