13 Reasons Why Everyone Should Watch Grey's Anatomy


And the carousel keeps on turning.

Grey's Anatomy has been around for what seems like forever. And there are so many reasons why so many people have hung around for so long! If you've ever thought about picking up the show, here are 13 reasons why you should totally check out Grey's!

1. The Friendships Are Something To Aspire To

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

If you've ever heard someone refer to someone as their "person," they're probably a Grey's fan! The show has made it clear that supportive friendships (particularly female friendships) are a vital part of a person life - maybe even more so than a romantic one!

2. And The Romances Are EPIC

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Even if friendships are incredibly important to the show, the romances and hookups on the show are nothing short of epic. The romance is just the type of thing to make you believe in love! MerDer? Calzona? Lexie and Mark? Just to name a few!

3. Quotable Quotes For EVERY Situation


Need something to say to call out your ex? How about confessing to your longtime crush? Grey's has you covered!

4. The Medical Emergencies Are INTENSE


From the beginning until now, Grey's has delivered some pretty incredible medical mysteries and emergencies. The heart of the show itself is a medical drama after all! It definitely keeps things fresh and exciting!



Every episode is jammed packed with drama! The viewer gets so drawn into it, even if it is a quiet moment of tension! It always feels intense to us!

6. The Character Development Is Seriously Amazing


Seriously! This is something you're going to have to see for yourself since it happens over a long period of time! But, Grey's can afford to do so, considering it's been on for 13 seasons! But we're pretty thankful since the characters feel a lot more real and we eventually grow to love everyone! Almost.

7. Everything Is Unpredictable


Shonda Rhimes is the QUEEN of cliffhangers and plot twists! With 13 seasons of Grey's under her belt, we're just surprised she hasn't completely run dry of ideas. However, be careful not to get too attached to great characters, considering they might just die out of nowhere.

8. The Soundtrack Is Perfect

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Whoever is in charge of the music in Grey's is a genius. It accompanies every feeling that we're feeling with extremely impressive accuracy! However, there might be some songs that you will learn to avoid as well.

9. Legit Everyone Belongs In A Magazine


Sigh. McDreamy, McSteamy, and Dr. Avery over here are just too perfect. They might give impossible standards for men (and likewise for the women in the show too), but it's just nice to have a whole lot of eye candy for your viewing pleasure!

10. Miranda Bailey Is An Inspiration To All


Truly. She's like a mixture of the best mama bear and a great CEO. Honestly, Miranda Bailey = life goals. She's amazing!

11. It's Incredibly Addictive

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Like we mentioned before, there's plenty of big moments and drama to go around! Once you start, you'll only realize you've been binge-watching once you've hit the second season! It's just so good.

12. The Fanbase


Seeing as the show has been going on for 12 years, the fanbase is absolutely enormous! Just in passing, you'll probably meet a bunch of new people who love the show! You'll likely make a new friend as a result, too!

13. Cristina Yang. For 10 Whole Seasons.


Even if this Cardio Queen was only around for 10 seasons, that's still a lot of content! She brings so much life to the show, with her hilarious (and sometimes brutally honest) dialogue - it's truly the best!

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