13 Grey’s Characters We Love To Hate


Because everyone loves a little wickedness.

13 Grey's Characters We Love To Hate

As much as we love Grey's Anatomy, there are just those characters who get right under your skin. But, it sort of brings Grey's fans together, too. So, here are 13 *Grey's Characters we love to hate! Do you agree with our picks?

1. Addison Montgomery


Who didn't scream when Addison came out of the blue and freaking ruined Meredith and Derek's relationship? Honestly! She just waltzed up in there! Even Kate Walsh, who plays Addison, admitted that she loved playing the "wicked bitch" in Grey's!

2. April Kepner


Props to Sarah Drew for her portrayal of April, but she's still probably one of the most annoying characters on Grey's. She was part of Mercy West. She basically got Derek shot by Gary Clark. She is always perky. Do I need to go on?

3. Sadie Harris


Not only was this Meredith's best friend before Cristina, she was also the girl who got her fellow interns to perform an appy on her while she was still awake with no supervision. Yeah. Stupid.

4. Eliza Minnick


She tried to oust Richard freaking Webber! That's just not what you do, especially on Grey's Anatomy! Then she forgot about warning the firefighters that one of her residents was missing in the middle of the hospital fire. We're just happy she was finally fired.

5. Penelope Blake


Although she didn't technically kill Derek, it's still how we saw her. But, that's not really why we didn't love her. Callie deserved better, damnit! She was so badass. We definitely didn't think that she would end up with someone like simple and boring Penny.

6. Ellis Grey

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

She's definitely one of the most interesting characters on Grey's, but she was obviously flawed. We all hated her for how she spoke to Meredith in earlier seasons. We were so happy when Derek stood up to her.

7. Renee Collier


Some of you might not remember this woman. But, she was the one who kissed Derek when he was in D.C. Remember her now? Yeah.

8. Leah Murphey

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

While she annoyed us when she was an intern, we despise her return in Season 13. Honestly, Grey's crew? Why bring Leah back when she serves no purpose? And when was the last time we saw her anyway?

9. Charles Percy


Even if he didn't deserve to die the way he did, he got Izzie fired and was just a jerk to everyone in the Seattle Grace camp. We didn't like him until his final moments and we still get annoyed when we rewatch his scenes.

10. Reed Adamson


Who didn't hate Reed from the beginning? She took George's cubby after he freaking died! And when Izzie tried to explain that to Reed, she took it anyway! Again, she didn't deserve to go out like that, but we're just happy she's gone.

11. George O'Malley

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

Speaking of George, we loved him towards the end. It's a shame he died because he has so much potential. But, he was also the worst when it came to love. He was the ultimate "nice guy" and ended up cheating on his wife. Kay.

12. Maggie Pierce

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Poor Maggie. We had so much hope for her. She was supposed to be more like Lexie. Instead, she got recycled storylines and an annoying personality to match. Perhaps she needs to get a little more dark and twisty before she can become less selfish.

13. Nathan Riggs


While we all hated him for "replacing" Derek Shepherd, he's also proven to be quite problematic. He cheated on Megan Hunt. And then he continuously kept trying to get with Meredith when she resisted. He doesn't know the word "no." Let's hope things change in Season 14.

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