13 'Grey's Anatomy' Doctors We're Glad Scrubbed Out

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As much as we love Grey's Anatomy, there were just some characters we were happy to see go...

13 'Grey's Anatomy' Doctors We're Glad Scrubbed Out

We love all the characters on Grey's Anatomy, but sometimes we were just happy to see some go, whether it was for us or for the sake of our other favorite characters on Grey's Anatomy! So today, we're taking a look at the 13 Grey's Anatomy characters we're glad scrubbed out!

1. Reed Adamson


To be honest, we never really warmed up to Reed. While we aren't glad she was shot by Gary Clark, we were happy that the girl who stole George's cubby on her first day left.

2. Izzie Stevens

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Okay, so we loved Izzie when she was introduced. But, her storylines continuously declined after Denny's exit. (His real one, not after the ghost/tumor sex.) But, we could never forgive her for how she left Alex.

3. Penelope Blake

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We don't actually believe that Perfect Penny actually killed Derek Shepherd. She fought for him. But, she definitely wasn't the woman for Callie. She was boring and she was so wrong for our favorite Ortho God. Honestly! We're supposed to believe that they're endgame when we had Calzona?!

4. Nurse Rose

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This was the woman who dated Derek when we desperately wanted him to be with Meredith. Then she had the nerve to joke that she was pregnant. OMG. The worst.

5. Lauren Boswell


We didn't get to see much from Lauren, but she was the woman who broke up Calzona after a one night stand with Arizona during the superstorm.

6. Shane Ross


While we were happy for Cristina at the time, this was the guy who sent Heather to the basement, which would eventually lead to her death. Then, he continued to work and almost killed a patient. Sigh.

7. Leah Murphy (Almost)


Okay, so technically Leah came back. But, have we even really noticed her presence in Season 13? The answer is no. Regardless, we were happy to see her go. She wasn't cut for the program. And to be honest, we wish it stayed that way.

8. Charles Percy


Like Reed, we were sad when Charles was shot by Gary Clark. But, he was previously the guy who got Izzie fired. And also a Mercy West intruder.

9. Jason Myers


Yeah, he was cute. But he literally talked about "nailing Jo" and also hit her. What. The. Fuck. We were so happy when he was out of the picture.

10. Sadie Harris


How was Meredith best friends with this girl? She had her fellow interns cut her open while she was awake. Stupid.

11. Eliza Minnick


While we don't know if Minnick will return in Season 14, we were so happy she was fired by Bailey in the Season 13 finale. She tried to oust Webber for crying out loud! Ugh.

12. Sydney Heron


Do you even remember Sydney? Probably not. Regardless, her perky persona was incredibly annoying. Her presence just got under our skin. We were happy that she never really showed up again.

13. Ellis Grey

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While we were sad for Meredith, Ellis also had just a hugely negative influence on Mer and is why she was all dark and twisty in earlier seasons. Although she managed to use it as a strength, we were pretty happy that Meredith could finally move on from her mother's influence (kind of).

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