12 Times Grey's Anatomy Completely Changed Your Life


There are moments that in a split second your life changes forever.

I'll admit it. I haven't seen Grey's since the very beginning. In fact, I'm relatively new to the show, considering it has been on-air for a whopping 12 years! But, it didn't take long for the show to greet me with open arms and hook me in for many years to come. For better or for worse, my life has changed after watching Grey's Anatomy. Even if it is only a show, it has affected my life in big and little ways that I didn't think were possible when I first started. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Here are 12 ways Grey's has changed my life!

1. It Feels Like Someone Punched You In The Gut When You Hear Certain Songs


Breathe (2AM)? How to Save a Life? Chasing Cars? NOPE. I'm already in puddle of tears. These songs ripped out your heart and continued to do so years later, just remembering the heartbreaking scene it was tied to. Just NOPE.

2. You Understand Medical Jargon

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Probably one of the more gratifying things about watching this show is the medical terminology you might pick up. Sometimes when you're speaking to someone, you can dazzle them with terms you picked up from the show. Appy? Whipple? No problem! However, it can get a little awkward if you make it seem like you're in the medical field when you're not.

3. Which Has Made You Think You Can Become A Doctor


Whether you're in high school, taking business courses at university, or a hardworking mama, Grey's has totally inspired you (and possibly even convinced you) to become a doctor! You've seen cycles of surgeons at their best and worst, all while they excel in the O.R. If they can do it, you can too! Right? RIGHT?

4. You Feel Stressed Over Things That Have Happened To Your Faves


Grey's has the habit of putting on at least one big tragedy per season. Your poor favorites have already suffered through so much, and it feels like you've been right there along with them. Thanks to Grey's you might be a little more cautious when flying on airplanes or even when you get the hiccups.

5. You Become Paranoid, No Matter What Show You're Watching


Like I said above, the characters (and you) have been put through the ringer! It's like no one is safe! Everyone just DIES! It's probably made you a little more paranoid when watching other shows, even if it is something lighthearted like Gilmore Girls. Although this fear can be a little over the top sometimes, at least it's prepared you for shows like Game of Thrones.

6. Because You're Constantly Feeling Victimized By Shonda Rhimes


Self-explanatory. Sometimes you want to scream. Sometimes you want to quit. She writes characters that you fall in love with and then rips them from you all at once. WHY? WE'VE DEDICATED SO MUCH TO THIS SHOW. WHERE IS THE LOYALTY??

7. People In Your Everyday Life That Remind You Of Grey's Characters


Sometimes your ears might perk up because you hear someone that sounds exactly like Cristina or Meredith. Sometimes it might even be your friend who accidentally quotes something from the show. Either way, it's pretty exciting when you find people that remind you of your favorite characters! (Or sometimes scary if they remind you of your least favorite.)

8. You Frequently Wonder What Would ______ Do In Real-Life Situations


Whether it's George for being kind, Derek for big gestures, or Bailey for, well, basically everything and anything, you might find yourself wondering what the characters in Grey's would do to help guide you in life. Considering the plethora of life lessons each episode holds, you can't help but wonder.

9. You Become A Source Of Quotes


With so many quotable quotes on this show, you've probably become the person your friends go to for any knowledgeable, encouraging, or even too real words. You'll know exactly what to say, seeing as there's a Grey's quote for any situation.

10. You Connect With Random People About Grey's


One of the most exciting things about this show is its fanbase and the connections you make from it. Whether it's breaking the ice or catching up, there's always something to talk about! And best of all, they just get it.

11. And They Eventually Turn Into Lifelong Friendships


Even better than meeting a new friend based on your love for Grey's is when that tiny commonality turns into a lasting friendship. And best of all, you get to binge-watch, cry, and laugh together! The perfect mix!

12. You've Found Your Person

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Whether your person is that friend you made through Grey's or even if you're still searching for that special someone to dub your person, Grey's has definitely made it clear that good, strong, supportive friendships are possibly one of the most important things in life.

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