10 Things That Would Happen In Grey's Anatomy Season 14 If Teddy Comes Back


Do you want this Cardio God to return to Grey's Anatomy Season 14?

10 Things That Could Happen In Grey's Anatomy Season 14 When Teddy Altman Comes Back

We recently found out that Teddy Altman will be returning to Grey's Anatomy in Season 14! And we couldn't be more excited! There are so many things we need to be checked off our list, even if it's only for a guest appearance. Here's what we are hoping will happen in Season 14 of Grey's Anatomy!

1. She Could Bring Megan Hunt Back To Seattle

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We all know that Teddy was the one who identified Megan across seas, but we're hoping that Teddy pops off that helicopter in Seattle, too!

2. She Could Help Owen With His PTSD

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

It definitely looks like Owen's PTSD will be back in full spring. Perhaps Teddy will be able to ease them a bit, since she's his old war buddy and all.

3. And Possibly Help Mend His Relationship With Amelia

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

And since Owen and Amelia's relationship was on the rocks last season, we can totally see Teddy giving some relationship advice.

4. Or Just Hook Up With Owen Herself


If you're an Amelia hater, you'll definitely love this one. Amelia has turned into Cristina 2.0 to Owen. Perhaps it's time for Teddy and Owen to FINALLY get together.

5. She Could Beat Up Riggs


I mean, okay, so Owen kind of already did that. But we're pretty sure Teddy will have some feelings on him as well!

6. And Maybe Even Have An Awesome Friendship With Megan


We don't know much about Megan, especially her relationship with Teddy. Did they know each other? Were they close? Were they friends? Were they enemies? We're excited to see!

7. She Could Return As Head of Cardio

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

PLEASE. We know that she is only supposed to come back for a guest appearance, but crazier things have happened, right? Right??

8. And Probably Butt Heads With Maggie


Do you think Teddy would consider even replacing Maggie? Or perhaps they'll just be coworkers. Either way, it'd be some great drama.

9. Cristina Yang Could Come Back

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Maybe...like mentor, like mentee? If Teddy can come back to Grey Sloan Memorial, so can Cristina! Perhaps this will inspire a visit!

10. Or Teddy Could Even Mentor One Of The New Interns


We can kind of tell that Leah might be mentored by Maggie. But, when was the last time we saw Leah anyway? We need some fresh blood. And Teddy (or Maggie...or both of them) could mentor them!

Are you excited for Teddy Altman's return to Grey's Anatomy in Season 14?!

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