11 Shows to Stream on Netflix to Ease Your Grey's Anatomy Withdrawal


You're basically guaranteed to have a great time with these picks!

With Grey's Anatomy Season 13 coming to a close and Private Practice being taken off of Netflix on June 9, we all need something to hold us over for the next few months leading up to Season 14 in the fall. Unfortunately, Netflix has also taken off classic medical shows like House M.D. and Scrubs and obviously, nothing can really replace our love for Grey's, but some shows are certainly good enough. So, here are some shows to stream on Netflix to ease your Grey's Anatomy withdrawal!

1. Emily Owens M.D.


Awkward surgical intern Emily Owens tries to leave her geeky past behind when she tries to make it big at Denver Memorial Hospital. But, it's difficult to do when her high school nemesis is working there too. Catch all the drama, heartbreak, and incredible medical moments in this adorable comedy.

And bonus! Our very own Maggie Pierce was also on the show as Dr. Tyra Dupre!

2. Hart Of Dixie


Big-city heart surgeon Zoe Hart, is put through the ringer when the father she never knew leaves his medical practice to her in the tiny town of Bluebell, Alabama. This show is less medical drama and more romantic comedy, as Hart navigates her way around the quirky (but lovable) town and many hot love interests.

3. A Young Doctor's Notebook


This one will probably excite any dark and twisty fan of Grey's Anatomy, but turn off fans who are only in it for the love storylines. Daniel Radcliffe (yes, from Harry Potter) stars alongside Jon Hamm as a Russian doctor/drug addict at the beginning of his career in a tiny village hospital. It's a hilariously dark medical drama that isn't for the light of heart.

4. Nurse Jackie


This medical drama is basically the same as Grey's in terms of how addicting it is to watch, how fast you fall in love with all the characters, and how dramatic it is. Except rather than Meredith Grey, we get Jackie Peyton, who is an emergency nurse who is addicted to Adderal and Vicodin. Yikes!

5. Royal Pains


Another "riches to rags" story. Hank Lawson had everything, from the great E.R. doctor gig to the perfect fiance. However, one terrible call on the operating table cost him everything. Thankfully, Hank's younger brother, Evan, swooped in with a job in the Hampton's. Soon, two brothers tackle some pretty bizarre and crazy medical cases amongst the disgustingly wealthy.

6. Sirens


Are you burned out from the heartbreak of Grey's Anatomy? Are you in the mood for some light comedy, not a whole lot of drama, and some medicine in between? Sirens is the way to go! This show follows three hilariously weird Chicago EMTs, both on the job and at home.

7. Doc Martin


Is it normal for a lot of big-city doctors to move to the countryside? It certainly seems to be a common theme, even in this British medical show about an awkward surgeon from London who moves back to his hometown on the countryside. This is the best pick for House and Grey's fans who love that local British charm.

8. Scandal


Now, we're steering away from medical dramas, but we're still in the realm of Shondaland! So, it's pretty obvious that it's got all the drama that Grey's is known for. Watch Olivia Pope and her band of lawyers cover up some of the biggest political scandals in history just disappear!

9. How To Get Away With Murder


Like any Shondaland show, this show does not disappoint in terms of drama and shocking plot twists. Follow Annalise Keating, a prestigious law professor, and her top five students get involved with murder, love, and even more drama. Honestly, every episode is an emotional ride, so get ready.

10. Jane The Virgin


Neither a medical drama nor a Shondaland show. But, hear me out! Jane the Virgin is a satirical romantic comedy-drama telenovela. That means that basically has everything, from a hilarious and loveable cast to hours and hours of plot twists, heartbreak, and crazy (though blatantly unrealistic) drama. Follow Jane, a virgin who is artificially inseminated by accident, navigate through her suddenly insane life.

11. Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Honestly, what should you watch while you wait for new episodes of Grey's Anatomy? Grey's Anatomy! Obviously. With 12 seasons available to stream on Netflix, and Season 13 being released on June 17, there will be plenty of material to watch between now and the start of Season 14. Better get out the tissues and the tequila! It's about time for a Grey's rewatch!

What will you be watching this summer, Grey's fans?

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