10 Things That Would Happen In Grey's Anatomy Season 14 If Callie Came Back

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Do you want this Ortho God to return to Grey's Anatomy Season 14?

10 Things That Would Happen In Grey's Anatomy Season 14 If Callie Torres Came Back

As much as we would love for Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) to return to Grey's Anatomy in Season 14, we don't really think it'll happen. (Perhaps for Grey's Anatomy Season 15?) Regardless, here are 10 things that could happen in Grey's Anatomy Season 14 if Callie Torres came back! And she wouldn't like Eliza Minnick. That's for sure!

1. She Would Give Eliza Minnick A Piece Of Her Mind


If Minnick comes back in Grey's Anatomy Season 14, that is. But honestly, can you see Callie and Minnick getting along? We can't! Especially since Minnick was anti-Webber and loyalty means everything to Callie.

2. And Probably Arizona, Too


We wish it were in Grey's Anatomy Season 13, but Season 14 would do, too! She would wonder where the real Arizona Robbins went. Sure, Arizona's loyalty track record wasn't the best when it came to relationships, but she should have at least defended Webber a bit more or her own freaking student (Alex Karev).

3. And Also Bailey

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

So, Callie might hide from Bailey right after making the comment. But she would at least speak up.

4. She Would Be Proud Of Meredith

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She'd be proud of Meredith for telling Riggs the truth about Megan's arrival in Seattle. Can you just imagine these two supporting each other again? It's not Yang, but at least one old female friendship would be nice to see again!

5. But Also Tell Mer To Get Back In There


Yup. If Meredith goes a little dark and twisty again in Season 14, you know Callie would give her the kick in the ass she needs!

6. There Could Be A New Potential Love interest For Callie


Does anyone else get kind of annoying that Callie freaking Torres ended up with boring Penny? We want someone exciting (but good) for our girl!

7. There Would Be So Many More Interesting Ortho Cases


OMG. The title says it all. We are dying for a classic life-changing, earth-shattering, Callie Torres case.

8. And Maybe Jo Wilson Would Get Back Into Ortho With Her Almost Mentor


So, it really looked like Jo had an interest in Ortho, but where did that storyline go? Nowhere. We really want to see Callie come back and mentor Jo.

9. There Would Be A Lot More Fun In The Hospital


Let's be real. Things haven't been as fun as they were since Callie left. She was a major character and it feels like something is missing when she's not on screen. She brought life and humor to a lot of situations, no matter how uncomfortable.

10. And Maybe We Would Actually Get To See Sofia


WHEN. WAS. THE. LAST. TIME. WE. SAW. SOFIA. TORRES. Isn't Arizona still her mother? Maybe Callie's return would inspire the writers to show it.

Do you want Callie Torres to return to Grey's Anatomy in Season 14?!

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