10 Things That Would Happen If Cristina Yang Returned To Grey’s Anatomy


Because it would be FREAKING AMAZING!

10 Things That Would Happen If Cristina Yang Returned To Grey's Anatomy

Ever since Cristina Yang's departure in Season 10 of Grey's Anatomy, we have begged Shonda Rhimes for her return. Although there have been rumors of Cristina's return for Season 14, we don't think she'll be returning until the series finale of Grey's. Until then, here are all of our hopes for a Cristina Yang return!

1. More Badass Cardio Cases


Cristina is not just flirting with cardio, she is married to it! We wanna see her passionate about a cardio case, which we haven't really seen since she left Grey's Anatomy in Season 10.

2. Meredith Would Get Her Person Back


Who wouldn't like to see a Twisted Sisters reunion?? It would be so great. PLEASE SHONDA. We're begging you!

3. And Cristina Would Talk Some Sense Into Karev


Imagine all the crap she would give Alex for punching the daylights out of DeLuca. Maybe he would actually learn this time.

4. She'd Replace Maggie As Cardio God In Grey Sloan Memorial

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

As much as we loved Maggie when she first arrived, her character has only managed to annoy us in Season 13., especially in comparison to Cristina! Either we need Cristina to come back or Maggie needs to get a better storyline.

5. We'd Get A Lot More Classic Grey's One-Liners


To be honest, all of the best quotes from Grey's Anatomy came from Cristina Yang. It's fact.

6. We Could See The Teddy And Cristina's Mentor/Mentee Relationship Again

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Since Teddy Altman is coming back to Grey Sloan Memorial in Season 14, we would love to see a Cristina/Teddy reunion!

7. She Would Give Owen A Piece Of Her Mind

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

C'mon, Owen. Baby drama again?? We'd love Cristina to come back and let him have it. It's the only thing we'll accept from this horrible repeated storyline.

8. And Probably Riggs, Too


Okay, maybe she wouldn't yell at him. But, she would totally be there for Mer since Riggs went off to see Megan, leaving Mer in the dust.

9. Grey Sloan Memorial Death Would Have More Joy

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

When was the last time we really had a good laugh on the show? Cristina brought a presence that was so vital to the comedic relief of the show. We really miss it.

10. Things Might Finally Feel Like Old Times Again

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

When was the last time Grey's Anatomy felt like Grey's Anatomy? Right! When Cristina Yang still graced the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial! Like we said before, we miss her presence. But, it's so much more than that. Cristina wasn't finished. She still had so much more to offer and Grey's just feels a little lost without her.

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