10 Reasons I'll Never Stop Watching Grey's Anatomy


I can't stop and I WON'T stop!

I've stuck with Grey's throughout all the heartbreak, random accidents, and drama for 12 seasons...and counting! Even if it puts me through the ringer emotionally sometimes, it's just something I cannot quit! Here are 10 reasons why I will continue to stick around for many seasons to come!

1. Strong, Multi-Dimensional Female Leads


It makes me so angry that this is so rare in the entertainment industry but SO HAPPY that I've found it in Grey's. A majority of the show's lead characters have been female doctors who are kickass at what they do AND have a plot of their own WHILE having depth to their personalities, kinda, you know, like real women.

2. Romantic Relationships Galore


MerDer? Calzona? Slexie? Count me in! I'm a sucker for a good romance, and Grey's is filled to the brim with them! The rollercoaster of your favorite couple meeting, hooking up, falling in love, and possibly breaking up is so addicting to watch. I can't get enough!

3. Awesome Friendships


From Meredith and Cristina to Mentor/Mentee friendships like Bailey and Webber or Alex and Arizona, friendships on this show are precious and you just want to protect them at all costs. Romantic relationships are great, but your person is forever.

4. Diversity


Another place that the entertainment industry is lacking is diversity, in not only ethnicities but in sexual orientation as well. Grey's has done a better job in both departments than what I could say for the majority of the other shows on-air today. What's even more impressive? Shonda, and the entire Grey's team, have been killing it in the inclusion game since 2005. REPRESENTATION MATTERS!



OMG! Every second of this show is jam packed with drama. The twists, the confrontations, the giant medical messes just keep going in this show. I guess as the saying goes, "The carousel never stops turning. You can't get off."

6) Funny And Awkward Moments


I absolutely LIVE for these moments. They take me out of whatever heartbreaking moment I had just experienced. Even if they make up only a small portion of the show overall, these scenes or one-liners never fail from making me laugh. Comedic relief at its best. Good times.

7) A Touch Of Realistic Characterization


I LOVE that no character is perfect. (Even McDreamy) Everyone is flawed. Not everyone HAS to be happy ALL THE TIME and we shouldn't expect them to. They're human. It's ok to be "dark and twisty" sometimes.

8) But Always Expecting The Unexpected


This is a show that keeps us on our toes, whether we like it or not! I'll admit I like the unpredictability and the drama it creates overall. However, I tend to prefer surprises like "Izzie is operating on a deer" over "my favorites just SUFFERED A PLANE CRASH AND HALF OF THEM ARE DEAD NOW."

9) Medical Mysteries


Obviously, this show is a MEDICAL show at heart. The medical mysteries give our favorites purpose while adding to their drama. It's also insanely satisfying and gratifying when they successfully solve a case. (Or if it comes crashing down, insanely sad.)

10) All The Eye Candy You'll Ever Need


This show has given me unrealistic expectations of what working in a hospital is like and how hot doctors are. Honestly, why is everyone in this show SO ATTRACTIVE? In every scene, I've found at least ONE person to swoon over on their looks alone. Thank you, Grey's, for this beautiful gift.

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