10 Reasons I Will Always Be In Love With McDreamy

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He didn't earn his nickname (or our hearts) for nothing!

Grey's Anatomy hasn't been quite the same without Derek Shepherd! From beginning to end, he was the epitome of the perfect man. He will forever be McDreamy to us and the love of Meredith's life! So, here are 10 reasons why we will always be in love with McDreamy!!

1. He's SO Dreamy


Derek definitely lived up to his nickname! (And Patrick Dempsey was perfectly cast!) How can you look at that smile without smiling yourself!? Swoon!

2. But He Was Flawed


Even though McDreamy was seemingly perfect, it was clear that he was flawed. He was human, but that just made him even more loveable!

3. He Always Tried To Put Meredith's Best Interests First


Remember when Derek thought that Finn was better for Mer, so he took himself out of the race so that she could be happy?! That selfless act made fans realize that Derek was the one from the very beginning!

4. He Was A World Class Surgeon


Beauty and brains?? Derek was a well sought after neurosurgeon and his intelligence is extremely sexy! I mean, do you remember that impossible tumor? SO. MUCH. STRESS. But, only McDreamy could get it out without complication!

5. He Was Insanely Charismatic And Confident


Derek was pretty much the full package, and he had the charisma and confidence to back it up! He always knew exactly what he wanted and just went for it!

6. He Loved That Meredith Was Dark And Twisty


We were so happy to see that McDreamy didn't try to fix the dark and twisty side of Meredith. It's part of who she is at her core and he loved her for it too! They were the perfect pair.

7. He Was The Perfect Father


Does this need explaining? The pure joy in his face when he looks at his children is beautiful. Also, this man quit his job at the National Institutes of Health because being closer to Meredith and his children were better than "saving the world." Talk about a family man.

8. He Wasn't Afraid To Speak The Truth Sometimes


Whether it was to Meredith, Mark, Richard, or his interns, Derek never held back. You knew what was on his mind, even if it wasn't something you actually wanted to hear.

9. Or Profess His Feelings And Love


From big speeches to grand gestures, McDreamy was the master at professing his love. We swooned every time he made it clear to Meredith that he loved her, from the first time to the last.

10. He Was Brave Until The Very End


Whether it was in the operating room, romantically, everyday life, or even admitting defeat, McDreamy was fearless. And Derek's final episode will always remind us of why we love him. He witnessed a car accident right before his eyes and heroicly springs into action to save them. We will never forget. Here's to you, McDreamy.

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