10 Reasons Grey's Anatomy Will Always Be Shonda's Best Show


And it's not just because of McDreamy!

After 13 Season of Grey's Anatomy, there is no denying that the show is a huge success. In fact, some might say that it's the best show created by showrunner Shonda Rhimes. So, here are 10 reasons why we think Grey's is Shonda's best show to date!

1. There Is Eye Candy For Everyone


McDreamy? McSteamy? Mer? Cristina? No matter your preference, Grey's has you covered. Basically every character on this show is beautiful and belongs on the cover of magazines.

2. You Can Get In A Good Cry


If you need to let out a good cry (and let's be honest, we all do sometimes) then Grey's is definitely your show! At least half of the episodes in the series (so far) are guaranteed tear-jerkers.

3. It Keeps You On Your Toes


One of the best (and worst) things about this show is its unpredictability. You never know when a tragedy may happen and absolutely no one (including the main cast) is safe! Even if it can get pretty upsetting sometimes, the surprises keep the show exciting.

4. You Feel Smarter With Every Episode


So, if you've never felt like you could become a doctor after watching a few episodes of Grey's then you are LYING! Every episode is filled with a vast amount of medical terminology and fascinating surgical techniques. It's pretty cool once you've realized just about how much you've picked up from watching the show!

5. There Is SO Much Drama


OMG. Words cannot express how much drama there is in this show. From family drama to medical drama to romantic drama, this show has it all! Sometimes we wish the show would give us a break, but where's the fun in that? Fans live for the drama on Grey's!

6. It Has The Best Friendships


Grey's is basically the poster child for great friendships, especially the friendship between women. The show made its fans crave for a "person" just like Cristina or Meredith and made it clear that two successful women don't have to compete with each other to be in the same space.

7. And Even Better Life Advice


Need an inspiring quote? What about a quote to keep trying? Whatever you need to get through your day, Grey's has you covered!

8. The Main Characters Feel Realistic


A huge portion of Grey's success is its ability to relate their characters to the audience. Like McDreamy says above, they're all human and they all make mistakes. Truth.

9. Even Though They're Basically Freaking Superheroes


Even if the characters on Grey's are relatable, they still solve crazy medical cases in almost every episode. They save lives! But, that's also the beauty and heart of the show.

10. The Romance Is Epic


The show might be a medical drama at its core, but the romance is what people stick around for. Throughout all the heartbreak and big romantic gestures, the romance on this show is anything but ordinary.

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