10 Guest Stars You Totally Forgot Were On Grey's Anatomy


How well do you remember Grey's guest stars?

Guest stars are a ton of fun and usually bring more life to the show! But, how many Grey's Anatomy guests do you remember? Here are 10 Grey's guest stars that you might not remember!

1. Dylan Minnette As Ryan

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You might know him as Clay Jensen from Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, but Grey's fans might remember him as Ryan, a kid who was born without external ears. He adorably asked and got Mark Sloan to make him a new pair of ears.

2. Liza Weil As Alison Clark


You might know her as crazy Paris Gellar from Gilmore Girls and Bonnie Winterbottom from How to Get Away With Murder, but in Grey's, she played sweet Alison Clark. She was a great friend to Izzie when she had cancer, and we were all devastated when she died.

3. Demi Lovato As Hayley May


This former Disney princess is now a powerhouse vocalist. However, did you remember she played Hayley on Grey's? She was misdiagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, but Alex and Lexie were able to figure out she had Superior Canal Dehiscence syndrome. They fixed her up no problem!

4. Mandy Moore As Mary Portman


She might be the voice of Rapunzel in Tangled, but she also played poor Mary Portman in Grey's. She was the patient trapped with Bailey during the shooting, which means she also witnessed Charles' death.

5. Sarah Paulson As Young Ellis Grey


This Americal Horror Story actress took on Ellis Grey in Grey's Anatomy. Her talents allowed her to portray the incredible (and terrifying) mother of Meredith Grey herself.

6. Edward Herrmann As Norman Shales


You probably know him as the late Richard Gilmore from Gilmore Girls, but this star played Norman Shales, Alex Karev's intern who is just a little bit older than the rest.

7. Keke Palmer As Sheryll Jeffries

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This True Jackson VP and Scream Queens actress has had countless of endless roles! And in Season 10, Keke Palmer joined Grey's as a pregnant teenager with a heart condition. She pleaded to Cristina Yang about getting into her clinical trial so that she could survive giving birth. In the end, Sheryll successfully delivers her baby!

8. Abigail Breslin As Megan


Along with Palmer, Abigail Breslin also starred in Scream Queens. In Grey's, Breslin played Megan, a young girl who had a lot of smaller injuries. The doctors thought that she had been abused, but it turned out that she couldn't really feel pain. She didn't tell her foster parents because she thought it would make her seem defective and they would send her back. Thankfully, this one had a happy ending.

9. Mae Whitman As Heather Douglas


Mae Whitman has been in plenty of television shows. She's had roles in Parenthood and Arrested Development. And she's pretty good at playing an angry teenager. Whitman definitely reprised the angry teen role on Grey's as Heather, who had severe scoliosis. we were pretty when the doctors came to the rescue with Denny's life savings and Derek's mind.

10. Sarah Chalke As Casey Hedges


Sarah Chalke is no stranger to medical television shows. She is best known for her role as Elliot Reid on Scrubs. But, on Grey's, she played a patient named Casey, a mother who was desperately trying to find her son's true diagnosis. Luckily Meredith was just the person to do it! We were happy to see a happy ending, but it was weird seeing her around scrubs when she was not. And turns out, this storyline was based on a real-life experience Chalke had with her son.

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