Sorry, But No One Can Score 100% On This Fan-Written Grey's Quiz. Can You?

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Think you've got what it takes?

Sorry but no one can score a perfect 100% on this tricky Greys Anatomy fan written trivia quiz, can you?

 Aug 13, 2020

1 of 17Pick your answer!

Why did Meredith nearly lose her medical license?
She violated HIPAA.
She committed insurance fraud.
She killed Dr. Paul Castello.

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Alex's mother and brother suffer from which illness?

3 of 17Pick your answer!

What is Lexie Grey’s middle name?

4 of 17Pick your answer!

Which college Meredith did go to?

5 of 17Pick your answer!

Where does Preston Burke plan to move when he leaves Switzerland?

6 of 17Pick your answer!

What was Izzie doing on her first day at the hospital?
Inserting catheters
Rectal exams

7 of 17Pick your answer!

How did Dr. Thomas from Mayo Clinic die?
Aortic aneurysm rupture
Heart attack
Cerebral hemorrhage

8 of 17Pick your answer!

By how many points did George fail the intern exam?

9 of 17Pick your answer!

Who was responsible for Alex’s dad’s death?

10 of 17Pick your answer!

What did Amelia do with her baby just after birth?
She let someone adopt the baby
She donated the organs
She had a funeral

11 of 17Pick your answer!

What did Nathan give to Megan that he shouldn’t have?
Someone else’s necklace
Someone else’s bracelet
Someone else’s ring

12 of 17Pick your answer!

What did Derek say just before Addison walked up to them, at the end of season 1?
“Let’s go out the other exit”
“I forgot my phone”
“Meredith, I’m so sorry.”

13 of 17Pick your answer!

How did ICE know Sam Bellows was interning at Grey Sloan?
Bailey turned her in because she was undocumented.
She was caught on camera running a red light.
Carina turned her in to save Andrew.

14 of 17Pick your answer!

What body part of Mark’s did Lexie break during sex?

15 of 17Pick your answer!

Who was Meredith's first love interest in the hospital after Derek died?
Nathan Riggs
Andrew DeLuca

16 of 17Pick your answer!

In the shooting episode, who was the first to be shot by Gary Clark?

17 of 17Pick your answer!

What is Alex Karev’s favorite Pie?
Banana Cream Pie
Cherry Pie
Apple Pie
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