Few Can Score 100% On This Grey's Anatomy Random Facts Quiz. Can You?

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Fan-written trivia, beware!

How high can you score on this Greys Anatomy fan written trivia quiz compiled of random Grey's question from throughout the series?

 Aug 05, 2020

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What was the name of the bicyclist that Meredith saved in season 1?

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What does Cristina eat for dinner most of the time?
Dry cereal

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Why did Meredith and Derek get married (legally)?
To adopt baby Zola
Because Meredith was pregnant
Because they love each other

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How much money did the “Dragon lady” leave for Alex Karev?

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What did Karev use the inherited money for?
For African orphans to come to Seattle for surgeries
Put a down payment on his house
To build a school in Africa

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Cristina “quit” surgery after the shooting and briefly worked as a _____.
Trauma Director

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Why didn’t Dr. Bailey take the Peds fellowship?
The fellowship was too far away
Her husband threatened divorce if she did
She hates children

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What was the name of Amelia's baby that died?

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What fruit does Lexie not like?

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Who couldn’t stop screaming after the plane accident?

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How many biological children does Mark Sloan have?

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What is Miranda’s dad’s name?
Bob Bailey
George Bailey
Bill Bailey

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What did Meredith do on her first official date with Finn?
Birthed a horse
Went to a wedding
Went to a drive in movie

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Who did the ‘inoperable’ tumor that Derek successfully removed belong to?
Isaac the hospital technician
Elisha the hospital janitor
Isaiah the hospital porter

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What organ does Meredith lose during her C-Section ?

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What was the name of the scrub nurse Derek was with when him and Meredith weren’t together?

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What was Adele and Richard's wedding song?
At Last
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
My Funny Valentine
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