Quiz: Can You Ace These Tricky Questions Written By Grey's Fans?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the biggest Grey's fan of them all?

A compliation of difficut Greys Anatomy the show trivia questions, written by Greys Anatomy fans themselves.

 Jul 02, 2020

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What happened Meredith's engagement ring?
It was accidentally left in a patient
She didn't have an engagement ring
Derek hit it with a baseball bat into the woods

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Does Meredith speak Italian?
Yes, she picked up while she was traveling
No, she can speak German
She started to learn to impress DeLuca

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What area was Meredith head of?
General surgery

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How did Cristina Yang's father die?
Car accident
He was shot
Place crash

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When Izzie returned after leaving Alex she brought back her high school teacher to be treated by Derek. What subject did he teach?

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How much was the check Izzie received from Denny’s father for?
4.8 million
8.7 million
6.2 million

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What was the name of Owen’s fiancé before he enlisted in the army?

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Where did Owen go to school before enlisting in the Army?
Johns Hopkins
University of Washington

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After Denny died, where did Izzie lay in her prom dress?
Bathroom floor
His room

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Who is the only character to have an abortion during the series?

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Who was the father of Cristina's first pregnancy?

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In season 5, which two doctors did Bailey send to Derek's trailer to bring Derek back to the hospital?
Callie and Owen
Mark and Alex
Meredith and Cristina

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Bailey's husband Ben works as a _____.
Police Officer
School teacher

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What clothes was Izzie wearing when her fiancé died?
Blue pant suit
Pink prom dress

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Where did Riggs and Meredith first have sex?
Hospital supply closet
Meredith's couch

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What put Bailey out of commission on bed rest?
Plane crash
Car accident
Heart attack

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Who gave a haircut to Callie, after her breakup with Arizona?
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