Quiz: Only Diehard Grey's Fans Remember All These Specific Facts & Details

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How many of these random details do you remember from Grey's Anatomy? This quiz was written by fans, so it will be tricky for the average viewer!

 Jul 02, 2020

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Who took Meredith to her first prom?

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What food did Lexie have an allergic reaction to after Meredith cooked for her?
Peanut butter

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What did Izzie’s friends do after Denny died?
Sat shiva for her
Bought her a puppy
Took her to Joe’s Bar

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Who was Cristina’s first fiancé ?

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What are the name of Derek's 4 sisters?
Nancy, Amelia, Kathleen and Liz
Amelia, Kathleen, Liz and Beth
Amelia, Nancy, Liz and Carrie

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Why did Owen bring Teddy to Seattle?
She was homeless
He missed her
As a gift for his girlfriend

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What happened to Derek’s father?
He had a heart attack.
He ran away from his family.
He was shot because he didn’t want to give up his watch.

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What is Callie’s middle name?

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The intern who showed the most promise on their first day got to perform a surgery. Who was it and what did they do?
Cristina, performed sutures
Meredith, performed a C-section
George, performed an appendectomy

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What was the name of the pilot in the infamous plane crash?

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Which doctor did Arizona replace on the plane that crashed?

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What was the name of the patient that Meredith put down Ellis’ name for instead due to her not having insurance?

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How many times has Richard been married?

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Has Addison ever been pregnant?

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Who was Meredith’s person after Cristina left?

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How did Meredith tell Derek she was pregnant?
Told him
With a #1 dad shirt
With a big sister shirt

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Where did Derek Shepherd go to college for undergad?
University of Massachusetts
Columbia University

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Who said “ Excuse me I’m choking back some McVomit.”
Callie Torres
George O’Malley
Cristina Yang
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