The Best Netflix Show to Watch in 2018 According to Your Zodiac Sign

Searching for a new show to watch? Here's what you should watch next on Netflix based on your Zodiac sign!

What To Watch On Netflix Based On Your Zodiac Sign

New year, new me, what's new to watch on Netflix? Finding a show to binge watch while eating some bomb fast food can be a struggle, so we've hand picked the best shows for you based on your Zodiac sign!

2017 was a crazy year full of up and downs, but the stars are aligned in 2018 for you and your viewing pleasure! Now, it's time to say bye to 2017 and see you later Mercury Retrograde as we move into the black hole that is Netflix.

Get ready to Netflix and chill your way through the New Year!

**Capricorn:** The Crown

As the Goat of Fear, you are a strong woman who demands the respect of a Queen! Put on your birthday crown and cozy up to this historical drama full of class and sass. Take note Ms. Disciplined, as Queen Elizabeth II slays her way through all the not-so-new woman drama with grace.

**Aquarius:** Sherlock

You're a deep thinker who loves helping others no matter how hard the problem is to solve. Some say you might run from emotional expression and can be a bit insensitive at times, but all in all people know you keep it real! Needless to say Sherlock Holmes is your spirit animal.

**Pisces:** Grace and Frankie

One of your greatest qualities is how compassionate and supportive are you. Your spirituality rubs off on those around you, sending good vibes out into the universe. As a tolerant and intuitive person with amazing artistic talent, you are the Frankie in a world full of Graces.

**Aries:** How to Get Away with Murder

You probably invented the hashtag #bosslady! You're a woman who's in control and gets the job done. Much like you, Annalise Keating is the Flying Ram of all Flying Rams, she is courageous, confident, and cunning.

**Taurus:** Shameless

When the world come crashing down you stay grounded, practical and realistic. Many people are proud to call you their rock. Just when you think things couldn't possibly get worse on Shameless, Fiona Gallagher saves the day. Watching her in action might just feel like an out of body experience!

**Gemini:** Gossip Girl

As an expressive and witty woman, you'll love all the two-faced gossip that spreads across the Upper East Side! Being ruled by Mercury, the plant of communication, you are a fun loving sign that wants to experience everything. Explore the ins and outs of NYC with Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Wooden, the girls who fit your dynamic, dual personality.

**Cancer:** Riverdale

You are the Brave Crab sent to us from above! You may not always realize your strength, but those around you see you shine. As one in-tune with your emotions, you can expect to feel all the feels with this Archie Comics adaptation!

**Leo:** Baby Daddy

As a self-confident lioness, you'll enjoy this creative flip of the script. Sprinkled with warm-hearted humor, Baby Daddy is perfect for the Leo in love with a good laugh! Plus, cute babies every episode? Count me in!

**Virgo:** Disjointed

At times, your hardworking personality can cause you to lead a life of all work and no play. Reground your Earth element with Ruth, a woman who's blended her business with some relaxing earthy greens.

**Libra:** Jane the Virgin

Will you be Team Michael or Team Rafael? You're fair-mindedness can sometimes cause you to be indecisive. Struggle through the tough decisions of being a single mom with Jane Villanueva in her telenovela of a life!

**Scorpio:** Ozark

If anyone can keep a secret it's you! Your stubbornness and bravery are matched by none other than the drug-smuggling Byrde family, who navigate their newfound lives with determination. Dive into the Ozarks for a perfect storm of secrecy, money and power!

**Sagittarius:** Drop Dead Diva

You are an extroverted, optimistic and enthusiastic diva ready to take on what life has to offer! Your hunger for humor will be more than satisfied with this legal comedy-drama-fantasy twist. Like Jane Bingum, you are able to transform your dreams into reality!

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