Here Are The Top 5 Flowers For Your Summer Wedding Bouquet

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The Coronavirus pandemic has forced many couples to rethink their wedding plans. As a result, the expected trends for the 2020 and 2021 wedding season fell by the wayside as elopements, and micro weddings became the new norm.

Flower trends for summer 2021 weddings are reflective of those changes, focusing on a shift away from traditional florals to a more nuanced and unique array.

Here are the top five flowers for your summer wedding bouquet.

1. Birds of Paradise


With the dream of a tropical wedding or magical getaway off the table, many couples are choosing to capture the essence of a destination wedding with a tropical wedding bouquet instead. These brightly-colored bouquets are a standalone decor element that provides contrast from the rest of the wedding design.

Birds of Paradise are an iconic tropical flower that adds a pop of color and some dimension to a traditional wedding bouquet. While this flower is a fan favorite for summer weddings, there are plenty of other tropical options as well. Orchids, bromeliads, and large leafy fronds are also making a statement in summer weddings this year.

2. King Proteas


King Proteas are a stunning central accent flower for a bouquet, based on their size and unique appearance. These flowers are versatile, blending well with both tropical-inspired and contemporary floral arrangements for wedding decor.

As the name implies, the King Protea is the largest variation of this floral family. However, florists are also using smaller versions as accent pieces as well. The Pin Cushion Protea is a small, brightly colored alternative that adds a soft pop of color to white flowers and greenery.

3. Sweet Pea

While some couples are choosing to reallocate their dream wedding budget to go over the top with their bouquets, others are taking a softer approach. Local flowers and soft country chic blooms have been an ongoing trend in recent years. Now, couples are moving away from hydrangeas and daisies toward sweet peas.

These delicate petals are soft and elegant without being overstated. These tender blooms come in a variety of color options and work well as a standalone bouquet or as accent flowers. Sweet peas also work well for simple centerpieces, aisle markers, and other accents, making them perfect for an intimate elopement or micro wedding with close family members and friends.

4. Limonium


Limonium is a versatile wildflower with small, papery blooms that come in a variety of colors and styles. Despite being referred to as "Sea Lavender," this family of flowers is unrelated to the lavender species. Limonium is the perfect flower for minimalist couples who want their decor to reflect the simplicity of a micro wedding.

With so much uncertainty about wedding dates and social gatherings over the past year, many couples have opted for flowers they can dry and use at any time. The Limonium is a flower that dries exceptionally well, making it ideal for dried bouquets and floral arrangements.

5. Eucalyptus

While it's not a flower in the traditional sense, eucalyptus has become such a burgeoning wedding bouquet trend that it's worthy of mention. These fragrant green sprigs come in a variety of shades and styles, making them the perfect accessory in a larger bouquet. The versatile nature of these greens makes them fit well with any wedding style, whether it's tropical, minimalist, or traditional.

Silver dollar eucalyptus is a fan favorite for summer weddings. As the name implies, these beautiful leaves have a metallic sheen that adds vibrance and texture to any floral arrangement. Eucalyptus is also easy to dry and maintain.

Tips for Planning Your Summer Wedding Florals

With so much uncertainty about events and gatherings, it's important to choose the right floral arrangements and suppliers for your summer wedding.

Look for a reputable supplier who understands the challenges couples are facing when planning a wedding in this tumultuous time. A supplier who can send your arrangements directly to you with the right timing and packaging to maintain the arrangements for your wedding day is a must.

Consider cutting back on your floral budget for the 2021 summer season, and shop local whenever possible. While flowers are a nice decor element for any wedding, it's the occasion itself that truly matters.

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