The Definitive List Of The 10 Best Drinks To Go With Your Bikinis

Chloe Morello, food & drinks, fashion, celebs, beauty

THE list of what to drink based on the bikini you're wearing.

1. Triangle Bikini

A triangle bikini is the classic bikini, and deserves a drink just as timeless. Grab yourself a Smirnoff Ice (or 6) and enjoy the sun!

2. Thong Bikini Bottoms

The only drink fitting for a bikini this risky is tequila. Not a margarita, just tequila shots.

3. Bandeau Bikini

Every fit/petite girl's favorite bikini, because any cup size over a B has no chance of keeping these in place. What should you drink? Vodka water, of course!

4. High Waisted Bikini

Congratulations! If you're rocking a high waisted bikini bottom, grab yourself a beer! The extra coverage is perfect for hiding bloating, and look good doing it.

5. American Flag Bikini

Nothing is better than a Limerita and an American Flag bikini. They're convenient, and taste amazing without causing all the bloating of beer.

6. Underwire Bikini

More than likely, you're young and ready to have fun. Nothing says fun quite like a Four Loko.

7. Off The Shoulder Bikini

Simple and classy. This bikini deserves a martini.

8. Tankini

Tankinis are reserved for family trips with the grandparents or babysitting little kids. This deserves a Screwdriver. Just add a splash of orange juice to your vodka and you're good to go!

9. Sexy One Pieces

Now this isn't a bikini, but one pieces are making a come back and I am 100% on board. Nothing better than a margarita (frozen or on the rocks) for this trendy swimsuit!

10. Full Coverage One Piece

More than likely, you're a mom taking your kids out for some fun. Sangria is the perfect fit!