Anyone that's watched Riverdale knows that resident mean girl Cheryl Blossom has some of the best lines on the show. Read some of her quotes here.

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Cheryl Blossom from the CW's Riverdale is the show's most quotable character. From her witty one-liners to the way she can knock anyone down a peg or two, Cheryl has a quote for everything.

Riverdale Quotes For Your Inner Cheryl Blossom

When the CW's Riverdale first premiered in January 2017, it was an instant hit. Fans fell in love with this much darker take on the Archie Comics and Riverdale's ragtag group of residents. There's a lot to love, but the best part of Riverdale is probably Cheryl Blossom's quotes. Words are her weapon and, for better or worse, she is never afraid to let you know exactly what's on her mind.

"Look, I don't want to be locked in a catfight-to-the-death with you. That only ends one way – mutual annihilation. So can't we just be…friends? Or at least frenemies?"

Cheryl Blossom might not be the most rational character at all times, especially when she lets her emotions get the best of her, but she can definitely admit when she's wrong. Or at least admit when it's in her best interest to befriend Veronica Lodge.

"Come on, Nana Rose. Let's get you a good spot by the food."

Cheryl knows what's important in life, and that is food. It's comforting, makes you happy, and is sometimes your best friend on your most difficult days. If only we could all be lucky enough to have a Cheryl Blossom to our Nana Rose.

"Want to team up for a little destruction?"

Obviously, the answer is yes, Cheryl. It would be an honor.

"You're a stone cold bitch, Betty Cooper."

She can be manipulative, which is why Cheryl can appreciate a good bit of manipulating in return. Especially when it's from the last person anyone would ever have suspected: Betty Cooper. You can even hear the admiration in her voice. Cheryl is proud.

"Check your sell-by date, ladies. Faux lesbian kissing hasn't been taboo since 1994."

Maybe she's mean. Maybe she can be bitchy. But Cheryl is always true to herself. Based on Cheryl's quote, this is a standard she holds others to as well. Especially when someone's fakeness ventures into homophobic territory.

"The weather is predicting a downpour the night before the rally, but already, you're raining on my parade."

The best thing about Cheryl Blossom is that she tells it like it is. Her quotes are incredibly relatable, even if it's something we'd think but never say out loud. Still, sometimes it would be nice to just let someone know how irritating they are. We could all learn a little something from Cheryl.

"I was thinking maybe you could go to Mr. Lodge for a new job. Of course, he'd probably ask what skills you have and you'd be forced to admit that the only skill you have is being a terrible mother. So I guess you're going to have to get creative in the new year."

Life is hard when the most horrible people in your life are your parents. It's even harder when they're the reason your twin brother is dead. Cheryl's quote to her mother exemplifies how, family or not, everyone gets fed up by people treating them terribly. She uses her inner strength and lets her mom have it, regaining some the confidence she needs to survive in a town like Riverdale.

"Did you really think you could have a part without inviting moi?"

She's the most popular girl in school and doesn't want you to ever forget it. Cheryl might not open up to many people, but she never fails to keep things interesting. Maybe there is a little bit of Cheryl in all of us.

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