Pick-Up Lines Black Women Are Really Sick Of Hearing

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Yuck, did that really just come out of your mouth?


Look, we get it. Maybe it's not as easy as they make it look like in the movies, when approaching a woman you're attracted to, but don't let your shy card land you in a dumb game. Some people say Black women come off as unapproachable at times but why judge a perfectly good book by its cover? With that said, Black women become susceptible to incredibly insensitive, stereotypical and rude comments to "court" them or get their attention. Sadly, society still clutches on to false characteristics of Black women that carry over into the seemingly harmless art of pick-up lines. Even if you're not a Black woman, it's not hard to see why any one of these lines would be offensive to a woman who identifies with Black culture.

Anything Involving The Phrase “Jungle Fever”


Claiming that you've been diagnosed with Jungle Fever doesn't make a Black woman admire or aide your "sickness". If you consider the idea that black skin at one time in America wasn't even considered a FULL person, you'd understand why it is completely unnecessary to strip her of her humanity. This phrase makes her seem like an animal or something that is untamed. In other words, this is not attractive whatsoever.

Claiming That You Like “Chocolate”


And we are back at the stripping of humanity and turning the female body into an inanimate object. Don't you get it? Chocolate is something you eat and you're comparing your attraction to a Black woman to something that you grab at the checkout at a grocery store. Stating that you like chocolate isn't bridging together that you admire her skin, it's just insulting.

Saying She’s So Exotic


This may seem harmless but you don't ever really hear humans being identified as exotic. Birds, maybe. Exotic has also strayed away from the dictionary definition and transformed into a phrase that people use when something or someone is unfamiliar to them or has characteristics they don't see often or understand.

I’ve Never Been With a Black Woman Before


Oh my gosh, really? Let me give you the satisfaction of crossing that item off your bucket list, said no one ever. Not sure what sort of Freudian foreplay you were going for here but just because you say you've never been with a Black woman before, doesn't make her want to accomplish that for you. That's like going to the bank and saying," Hey, I've never had a million dollars before". Does that make the clerk shovel out wads of cash? No.

I’m Sure [Enter Race Here] Men Aren’t Your Type


Get the gavel because here you go judging again! Black women already encounter endless amounts of judgement so don't approach her assuming that she only dates Black men. Besides, stop trying to conjure up a pity party for her to join, those are no fun.

Anything referring To “Junk In The Trunk”


So corny but sadly this phrase still comes out to play. First, not all Black women have "junk in the trunk" that is, again, a perpetuated stereotype that won't die out. Second, even if she does have some, why would bringing it up make her want to even continue a conversation with you? She knows what her body looks like! You don't get brownie points for hormonal outbursts.

Saying You Have A Black Women Fetish


And here is the holy grail of hell no. Black women are not some buck you hunt and put on your mantle to say you "had". No one wants to be just had and you reinforce a fear Black women have when dating other races because there are people out there who just want the "experience" of being with a Black woman sexually.