My Best Friend Got Dumped, Here's What I Did

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Relationships affect not only the ones involved but also the friends and families connected to each person...

My Best Friend Got Dumped, Here's What I Did

Relationships affect not only the ones involved but also the friends and families connected to each person. When you see your best friend sad every morning and every night, you know you need to step in.

Whatever you do, STOP TALKING ABOUT IT. You know she's already thinking about it 24/7. I barely asked any questions when it happened, so instead, I offered hugs and jokes to keep her spirits up. When she wants to talk, she will.

One night she started to tell me more, now that the sadness had turned to anger. So I sat next to her with a box of tissues and let her talk. I let her tell me everything that happened and everything she felt and is feeling. I nodded my head in agreement with her declarations and rubbed her arm every sentence or so. Once she got that out, I hugged her again and rubbed her back with both my hands. I felt her tears fall down the back of my arm as she finally confided in me for support.

After that, we didn't talk about him anymore. There's no point. What's done is done.

She used to have a framed picture of them on her nightstand. So, one day I went to the store a bought her a cute glass vase that had fake white roses in it. It would match her room perfectly. When I gave it to her that night, I noticed she put it where the picture used to be. Now she would be reminded of something happier - a gift from a true friend. From someone who cared about her.

I kept encouraging her to come out of the house with me. Whether it be an ice cream run to Target or just a quick sandwich at the cafe down the street. Something that would take her eyes off the numbing four walls of a house. The fresh air would wake her up a little and make her see that life goes on beyond the sadness of the current events.

At first, she never wanted to leave the house, but I never stopped asking. So, after awhile, she knew it would be good for her to get out more.

She hadn't dated or talked to other guys in what felt like forever. I shared my dating woes with her (Lord knows I've seen it all...) and encouraged her to not be afraid of talking to more people now. We started going to a bar downtown that was very relaxed and fun. I would let her borrow my lip liner and we would sing Ariana Grande all the way there. The men were older and more conversation- oriented. Which is what she needed - human interaction with strangers who knew nothing about what was going on, so she wouldn't have to talk about what's been happening. We started going there every now and then for a beer or two. We would talk about our jobs, funny stories, and how happy we are to have each other. I could see her caring more about herself again. Something she had been neglecting for quite some time now.

We no longer talk about him and everyday I hear her laugh, I smile, because looking at her now, I see a stronger person than I saw before. I'd like to think I was a part of that. She is someone who lives life with her full heart and soul. Who will sometimes get broken down, but will always get back up.