The Ultimate Instagram Hashtag Wedding Guide for Your Dream Wedding

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Even if you hire a professional photographer there's something special about candid photos taken on a phone. Instagram wedding hashtags are the fastest and easiest way for you and your guests to share all the photos that were taken on your special day.

How To Come Up With A Wedding Hashtag For Instagram

Your big day is almost here. You've got the location booked, the hair and makeup artists on deck, the photographer is the best in town, all your favorite friends and family have RSVP'd "yes", and you found your dream dress. Everything is all set... except for one thing. Your Instagram hashtag!

If you're familiar with Instagram then you know that it's a camera sharing app that lets you create idyllic photos and share those photos across multiple social media platforms. Of course, on your special day friends and family will be taking their own photos and sharing them on their personal social media accounts. So, wouldn't it be cool if you could see every shared photo? Here's how to come up with a hashtag for your wedding day and encourage your guests to use it!

1. Start with Your Names

Do you and your SO have any nicknames-- together or separately? Nicknames are a fun place to start when thinking of a hashtag name. They also encourage guests to use them because they're funny and usually sweet.

2. Don't be Afraid to be Punny

Yeah, I know, some people really hate puns. But this day is all about love and laughter, so it's okay if your hashtag is a little... punny. Play around with alliterations, rhymes, and synonyms for a cute and witty hashtag people will have fun using.

3. Do a Quick Search

The point of a hashtag is to have a unique place for everyone to share photos from that day. Which means you don't want photos from another person's special day to get mixed in with yours. Doing a quick search on your hashtag before making it official will prevent any unwanted mix-ins.

4. Spread the Word

Once you and your SO have decided on a hashtag, it's time to let the people know! You can include your hashtag on your wedding invites. If you've already sent those out, be sure to include signage somewhere during the reception that lets people know what the hashtag is and how to use it.

If you're still having trouble coming up with an Instagram wedding hashtag, don't get stressed. This is a fun and silly activity and not something you should take too seriously. Don't forget there are always online Instagram hashtag wedding generators. Happy tagging!