Here Are All The Best Grey’s Anatomy Gifts For Your *Person*

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Give the gift of Grey's!

We've put together the ultimate Grey's Anatomy gift guide for any Grey's fan in your life. These gifts are so great you'll probably end up adding a few to your own wish list. Who wouldn't love a cozy McDreamy blanket or their own personalized Grey's Memorial Hospital badge? These Grey's-themed gifts will surely brighten your spirits, especially after the crazy year it's been. If there's one thing that's gotten us through it all, it's Grey's! Check out these unique gifts that your person will surely be obsessed with!

1. Ferry Boat Face Mask

We love this ferry boat print mask because it is subtle enough to wear every day, but true Grey's Fans will know the meaningfulness behind the pattern!

Price: $10

Buy it here!

2. Grey's Anatomy Sticky Note Throw Blanket

Safe to say your person will be bawling when they receive this blanket from you. We'll never forget Mer-Der's iconic post-it note wedding, and now we never have to! This throw blanket is the perfect gift for your Grey's-loving significant other!

Price: $49.99

Buy it here!

3. Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital Lightweight Sweatshirt

This vintage-inspired crew neck features heathered and marled fabric ringspun for softness! Your person will never want to take this thing off.

Price: $47.04

Buy it here!

4. Live Like Grey's Anatomy Mug

We love this mug and practically live by this motto! This mug is ceramic and dishwasher safe.

Price: $16.16

Buy it here!

5. Custom Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital Badge

This personalizable badge is the perfect gift for any Grey's fan! Add in your loved one's name, and desired hospital role, and voila! They're practically a part of the cast!

Price: $7.70

Buy it here!

6. McDreamy Lightweight Throw Blanket

This Grey's Anatomy lightweight fleece throw blanket is soft to touch - perfect for a cozy night of watching your favorite medical drama!

Price: $34.99

Buy it here!

7. Greys Anatomy Guess Who Game Pieces

We all love the game Guess Who, now why not add a special twist by playing with only Grey's Anatomy characters!? With this digital download, you can print out game pieces to put into your own Guess Who boards and put a modern twist on this classic game.

Price: $7.99

Buy it here!

8. Sparkle Pager iPhone Case

Ahhhh the coveted Sparkle Pager... We love this phone case because again, it's subtle and to a non-Grey's fan it just looks like a cool case! But truly, if you know you know.

Price: $23.62

Buy it here!

9. Smells Like McDreamy - Soy Wax Candle

This candle smells like everyone's favorite doctor; McDreamy. McDreamy is so special he deserves a multitude of scents, pick out which McDreamy scent you think fits best for you!

Price: $17

Buy it here!

10. Pick Me Choose Me Love Me Art Print

One of the all-time greatest quotes. Ever. This gorgeous art print comes in several size options so you can fit it to your space!

Price: $16.42 and up

Buy it here!

11. "Only Freaking Superheroes" T-Shirt

This inspirational Amelia Shepherd quote is one of our faves, and we love this cute fan-art design!

Price: $21.55

Buy it here

12. "Screw Beautiful, I'm Brilliant" Notebook

This unforgettable Cristina Yang quote is perfect on a notebook!

Price: $12.62

Buy it here!

13. Grey's Anatomy Christmas Ornament Set

Add some Grey's to your Christmas tree! These beautiful handcrafted tile "Grey's Anatomy" ornaments come individually or purchased as a set!

Price: $8

Buy it here!

14. Grey's Anatomy Shot Glasses Drinking Game

Since you're always watching Grey's, why not make a drinking game out of it? Make your own rules or play as the shot glasses suggest!

Price: $21.99

Buy it here!

15. Grey's Anatomy Wrapping Paper

If you really want to go above and beyond for your Grey's person, make sure to wrap your Grey's-themed gift in some Grey's Anatomy wrapping paper! Price is per sheet.

Price: $4.99

Buy it here!

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