7 Ways To Be Independent While Enjoying a Relationship

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Keeping true to yourself while in a relationship can be a balancing act.

7 Ways Keeping Your Independence While Enjoying a Relationship

If you consider yourself a bit of a loner or an introvert who relishes alone time, you enjoy immersing yourself in your favorite hobbies and projects regularly. But when you meet someone you may want a relationship with (and the feeling is mutual), how do you balance who you are with being someone's significant other? Keep it healthy with the tips below!

Open Up and Say Yes


Vulnerability can be scary, but it's ok to drop your guard a bit and get to know the person showing their interest. Take your time, and ask questions. You never know where it will lead.

You’re Still the Best—Really!


Your relationship with yourself is still the most important one you'll ever have, and the adage is true—you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else. Self-confidence is key, it's dead sexy, and it's yours to keep even while spending time with someone. Embrace it!

Got Baggage? Let It Go!

Yes, you were hurt in the past, most people were at some point in their lives, but every person you date isn't the same, so try not to put your stuff on them. Look at it this way, you lived through it, you're still here, and what didn't kill you made you stronger.

Don’t Go Changing—They Already Like You


You don't have to like everything your newfound love interest does, nor they do they have to share all your interests. They were attracted to you from the get go, try not to question that and just let it be.

Compromise IS Okay

We're human—in every relationship there's bound to be disagreements. If you're in a healthy place with your SO and you like where's it's going, it's okay to work together to find common ground.

If You Feel Something, Say Something

If you find yourself in an uncomfortable spot within the relationship—maybe it's too much too soon, or you feel like you've lost a bit of yourself—do share your feelings with your significant other. In any healthy circumstance, communication and honestly will be essential and welcome. Chances are, when you voice your concerns, you're SO will be more than willing to work with you to keep things flowing in the right direction.

You’re Are What You Love


Don't drop off the map—continue keeping your friends close and your interests closer. There's no need to give up what or who you love in deference to a relationship, and no one should ever ask that you do so. You keep doing you!