5 Gadgets to Cook Like a Chef


Get these gadgets and chef it up!

If you want to increase your level of culinary skills, it’s time to master new tools and devices. Slow cooking au jus, grilling, Thai wok, or hot air frying — choose a culinary gadget to cook like chefs in the best restaurants in the world.

1. Wok Pan

The wok carbon steel pan by Yosukata is the quintessential piece of equipment used in almost all Asian cuisines. This pan with a completely round bottom allows you to cook all the key dishes of China, Vietnam, and Thailand. In it, you can boil, fry in hot oil (as in deep fry), and cook according to the steam frying method. Steam frying is a healthy alternative to deep frying and retains nutrients. Just a small amount of oil and liquid is all it takes to cook tender, crunchy, and low-fat vegetables.

2. Sous Vide

Sous vide means “under vacuum” in French. It is a method of cooking food at low and necessarily controlled temperatures for several hours, usually one to seven. And sometimes even 72! Products are placed in heat-resistant plastic or silicone bags or glass containers and cooked in water. A bag or glass separates food from the heated environment, so that the secreted juices do not dissolve in water or evaporate, but contribute to the preparation of the product, saturating it with taste and aroma.

The advantage of sous vide is that the method allows you to control the temperature of the product, heating evenly inside and out, without overcooking or overdrying, which is impossible to achieve with other cooking methods.

3. Air Fryer

It is ideal for fans of crispy French fries. Although, in such a unit, you can bake and fry everything: from steaks to muffins. Outwardly, the air fryer resembles a multicooker: the lower part with a recess for placing food and a closing lid. The principle of the device is to cook food with streams of hot air. The advantage of the air fryer is that there is no need to turn the food inside the device — it will not stick or fall apart. Hot air currents evenly distribute the heat inside the fryer.

4. Aerator

A gadget for those who want to comprehend the wisdom of a sommelier.

Two common causes of strong wine odors are the presence of ethanol and sulfites. The first has a pungent medicinal smell, and the second resembles lighted matches and old eggs. Ethanol is, of course, present in wine due to the alcohol content. And sulfites are specifically added to fight microbes and prevent excessive oxidation during the winemaking process.

The aerator exposes the wine to accelerated exposure to oxygen. This is the same chemical reaction — oxidation — that occurs when fruits from young become overripe. Evaporation is the second important chemical reaction that aerators accelerate. The result is a bouquet that is not obscured by free-floating compounds, a wine with the perfect balance of ingredients that emphasizes the desired characteristics of the drink.

5. Electric Grill

A perfectly grilled steak or sandwich is evenly cooked on both sides and well pressed down. Electric grills cope with this task. These are book-like devices that press down on both sides and cook steaks, cutlets, sandwiches, and paninis evenly.

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