4 Reasons Why Jackie Kennedy Was So Much More Than Just A Fashion Icon

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It's time to start remembering Jackie Kennedy for what she did, and not just what she wore.

4 Reasons Why Jackie Kennedy Was So Much More Than Just A Fashion Icon

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When people hear words like class, elegance, and grace, they next thing they often think of is a woman by the name of Jacqueline Kennedy – and with good reason. Jackie Kennedy truly did represent all of those words listed above, and was famously known around the world for her fashion sense. In fact, many of her outfits have become iconic over the years.

However, though her sense of fashion is definitely one to envy (be honest, you've tried to imitate her at least once), Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was so much more than just the clothes that she wore and I think we need to be reminded of that sometimes.

She Brought Art, Music, and Life into the White House

Shortly after JFK was elected President, Jackie took the initiative upon herself and completely overhauled the – what some might call shabby – décor of the White House. It might not seem like a big deal today, but she asserted herself at a time where most women would not even think of doing this. She appointed a Fine Arts Committee and brought in historically significant furniture and art from museums and private collectors. Jackie even did a national television broadcast giving viewers an intimate tour of the White House, for which she later received an honorary Emmy Award. Overall, she brought life back into the White House.

She Comforted the Entire Nation After JFK's Assassination

Jackie was a mother to everyone. She remained strong while mourning when all eyes were on her. She didn't crumble, even though she had every reason to. Her stability and attentiveness to making sure JFK was honored in the way she knew he wanted to be helped her become strong, rather than helpless and fragile. The American people looked up to Jackie for the courage and poise she brought to them. Jackie Kennedy helped an entire nation – and maybe even the world – heal after such a tragic, unspeakable event. Not just any person would be able to have that kind of significant effect on an entire nation.

She took control of her own life

Jackie Kennedy was always adamant about privacy when it came to her family. This was her decision, not her husband's or anyone else's, and she saw true to it. She was once quoted stating, "My press relations will be minimal information, given with maximum politeness". Having the ability to be in such control of her life at a time where women were expected to do what those around them wanted them to do is an overlooked quality that Jackie held.

She Became a Book Editor

When Jackie returned to New York City in 1975, she became a book editor at Viking Press, then later at Doubleday. Why? Because she loved books. She wanted to see the book industry thrive and this was something wanted to do, so she did it. She even ended up closing a book deal for Michael Jackson and his book Moonwalk. Jackie Kennedy was the most glamorous woman in the world and she chose to become a book editor because it was important to her.

In the end, it is more than okay to remember Jackie Kennedy for her impeccable clothes and glamorous lifestyle, but let's not forget that she was also a strong, intelligent woman who overcame the worst that life has to offer.