4 Classic Books to Read or Reread This Summer | 2022

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These classics never go out of style!

Reading is a universally loved activity that combines both relaxing rest and intellectual exercise at the same time. With a book, you can sunbathe on the beach, sway in a garden hammock or just sit at the table on the veranda, all while expanding your mind and boosting your imagination. It's important to make time for reading, even if you're a busy college student - you still deserve to make some free time for pleasure reading!

Some busy students even decide to recruit help with their homework like a science dissertation writing service when they get too stressed with their college assignments so that they can have some high-quality time with a book and self-reflection. Unfortunately, you have fewer similar opportunities when you are a worker, and yet after a hard day, a nice book might bring you into a completely different world. Our selection of fiction will not just give you a pleasant pastime, but also make you think about important things.

1. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery


The novel, published in 1908 by Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery, became perhaps the most popular work of English-language children's literature of the twentieth century.

Events unfold in the late 19th century on the east coast of Canada in the village of Avonlea. The owners of Green Gables Manor, the Cuthberts, a lonely brother and sister, want to adopt a boy to help them take care of the farm. By mistake, 11-year-old Ann Shirley arrives from the orphanage. The stern Marilla is hesitant to take in the chattering red-haired girl. But Matthew steps in for her: the brother is won over by the lonely orphan's fertile imagination and love of life.

Ann begins a new life. At Avonlea, her cherished dream comes true - she meets a "crony" friend named Diane Barry. But she fails to make friends with her classmate Gilbert Blythe. "Carrot!" - pulls on the new girl's scythe. Ann, who always thought her fiery hair was a curse, smashes a slate over the bully's head. In the future, she won't give her abuser the slightest chance to make amends. To top it all off, Ann and Gilbert will have an unspoken race to the top.

The girl's inexplicable ability to constantly find adventures in her head opens up new horizons for her. But Anne Shirley's heart will forever be attached to the Green Gables that have become her family.

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2. The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway


This book is highly recommended by professional writers from the best writing services if you are looking to improve your essay writing skills. Ernest Hemingway was awarded the Nobel Prize for his novel The Old Man and the Sea, written in 1951. The American writer's novella was the last known work of fiction published during his lifetime.

On the 84th day an elderly Cuban fisherman, Santiago, goes out to sea, though with no catch. But the boy next door, Manolin, does not lose faith in him. Though Manolin's father forbids his son to fish with Santiago and tells him to stick with the luckier fishermen, he continues to be friends with the old man. On the 85th day, the sailboat takes to the sea again - the man is sure that this time Fortune will surely smile on him. Indeed, a marlin more than 5 meters long is hooked.

The fisherman wishes the boy were around to help. It takes several grueling days before the fish is completely exhausted. The old man manages to defeat the predator, longer than the boat and "armed with a sword", with his bare hands. But the boat has drifted far out to sea. Will the man manage to swim to shore with the huge wounded marlin, as the sharks already smell blood?

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3. Confessions by Jaume Cabre


An outstanding novel by the Spanish contemporary writer Jaume Cabre, Confessions has been translated into 12 languages, and about half a million copies of the book have flown around the world.

The protagonist of the story is Adria Ardevol. The plot of the book takes us back to his childhood, or rather to the family antique shop in Barcelona. The most valuable object in his father's store was an eighteenth-century violin made by the famous Cremonese master Lorenzo Storioni.

Young Adria secretly substitutes the antique musical instrument with his violin to show the rarity to a friend. As soon as he takes the antique in his hands, tragedy strikes - the head of the family is killed. The mystery of the origin of the instrument, the mystery of murder, and a feeling of guilt will torment Adria all his life.

He will be able to find answers only years later when he becomes a collector and learns that the violin can magically influence human destinies.

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4. The Great Gatsby by Francis Scott Fitzgerald


In the 1920s, Francis Scott Fitzgerald was a true idol among American youth, for his contemporaries saw in him an outstanding exponent of their worldview.

Fitzgerald explored the phenomenon of the "American dream" through the example of the protagonist. Jay Gatsby made a fortune and achieved power. The loud jazz parties for the famous and wealthy and the champagne in a river during Prohibition all seem, at first glance, to be bragging - a demonstration of omnipotence at the expense of money and power.

At the same time, Gatsby himself remains in the shadows - everyone talks about him, but very few people know him personally. So why all the burlesque? Jay Gatsby hopes that one day, during the next celebration, his first love, Daisy Faye, will show up at the villa. Is it destined to happen - will the protagonist find personal happiness?

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