10 Things We Need To Tell Little Girls About Growing Up

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These little girls grow up to be young women constantly question their value and doubt their identity so here is what we should tell them.

10 Things We Need To Tell Little Girls About Growing Up

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Little minds absorb information like sponges so it is important to be mindful of the things we talk about around or to little children. There are so many things that I wish adults told me when I was young instead of being treated like a fragile piece of art whose primary purpose was to look cute.

These little girls grow up to be young women constantly question their value and doubt their identity. So here are some things that we need to tell young girls so they can grow up to be strong women with a strong sense of self.

1. I Love My Body

It is important for moms or aunts to show love for one's body to young girls so they can grow up accepting themselves for how they look instead of always struggling to look like someone else. Tell her to focus on being healthy and being the best version of her shape, not someone she sees in a magazine.

2. There Are Both Good And Bad Men In The World

Telling little girls that all men are pigs or a-holes will only give her a skewed view of men. Tell her like everything in life- there is good and bad. Tell her to appreciate the good men and avoid the bad by using her judgment.

3. Likewise There Are Both Good And Bad Women In The World

Don't tell her that all women are catty and mean- tell her there will be some women who will be her best friends for life and there will be some women who may not like her- but it is okay. You cannot please everyone, and that is life.

4. You Cannot Please Everyone In The World

Tell her no matter what she does- there will be some people who will have a problem with it but there will also be people who will support and love her- and that it is a waste of time trying to figure out why either group feels how they do. Tell her not to focus on pleasing everyone in the world, it is impossible. Remind her to focus on her happiness first.

5. You Do Not Have To Be A Stereotype If You Do Not Want To

You do not have to be a princess if you do not want to, if you do then go for it. Tell her it is her choice to be a girly girl or a tomboy- either ways it is her life and she should be whatever makes her the happiest.

6. You Can Be Anything You Want To Be When You Grow Up

Just because majority of women in your family were homemakers or teachers does not mean you have to follow that path, unless that is what you want. She can be an astronaut, a scientist, a writer or a dog-walker, tell her she can be anything she wants to be in the world with hard work and dedication. Tell her, if she wants to be a homemaker or a teacher- she can be that too.

7. You Will Feel Weak And Want To Give Up At Times

Tell her there will be times when life will get hard and that she will want to cry, hide and maybe give up. Tell her that at a time like that to remember that it is a phase and it will pass and that it is a natural part of life to have such struggles. If we didn't struggle, we would never learn right?

8. You May Fail At Some Things In Life

Tell her that she cannot be an expert at everything. It is ridiculous to expect a woman to be an excellent mother, wife, daughter, sister, student, employee, cook etc- tell her there will be some things in life she may not be good in life and that is normal. All the people you know had to overcome some type of failure. Everyone has a set of skills that they excel at and some that they might suck at.

9. You Should Never Change Who You Are To Please Others

Don't ever tell her that someone will not like her if she is or is not a certain way- it will teach her that she cannot be her true self but have to portray an image to be accepted. Tell her to stay true to who she is and the right people will accept you for who she is, not for what she pretends to be.

10. I Am Here For You, I Was Once Your Age Too.

Letting little girls know that you are there for them without judgment is very important so they know that they can count on you and come to you when they need you. You know you wanted someone when you were little, so be that person for the little girls. Let them know that you have been through what they are going through now.

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