10 Fierce Topics for an Empowering Essay on Women

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Women play crucial roles in making the world better but are barely recognized for their impact. Only a few organizations empower women with the rights that they’re due. However, many people have started to realize and acknowledge the benefits and development of women's empowerment in recent years.

Essay writing is an important element of study in colleges and universities, but they’re also a fun way to enlighten yourself and gain knowledge about topics that you know nothing about. Writing about women's empowerment may mean that you have to acknowledge and learn from other people's experiences, or you may even find yourself learning from your past experiences in one way or the other.

However, even as you’re writing and learning, you also need to make sure that you write an essay that your professor appreciates. To do this, you need to research and use solid facts, but the kind of topic that you write about may also determine how your essay turns out. Your message must drive home one message: women empowerment, but for such a fierce subject matter, it may be hard to drive home your point with academic essays without sounding boring and unreadable. An approach that may help you, though, and help you get better ratings during essay reviews is to choose a woman from history and write about her. This requires a lot of research as you need to know everything about her and her accomplishments.

The first step to writing a successful essay is to choose a meaningful topic. This gives you more focus and determines how far you can go in your essay writing. However, your essay topic may depend on the type of essay you choose to write about. This article list several fierce topics about women's empowerment based on the type of essays.

Compare and Contrast Essays

This type of essay identifies the differences or similarities between the two subjects. For instance, you may be comparing Ariana Grande to Taylor Swift. Writing this type of essay doesn’t mean you’re simply going to list the comparisons between them. There needs to be a central focus of the essay tying your comparisons.

Examples of essay topics

1. Women’s leadership styles vs. Men’s leadership styles

This focuses on the weaknesses and strengths of both leadership styles. You may choose to focus on specific leadership styles or specific leaders.

2. Comparing the role of women in the society through different periods

This type of essay may focus on the role of women in marriage, love, politics, employment, and business, or films.

3. Compare professional female athletes.

This essay compares two female athletes based on training styles, playing strategies, and awards.

4. Compare and contrast two female literary characters.

Here you may compare two characters in the same literature or different pieces of literature.

Reflective essays

This type of essay considers how an experience, event or person has affected or shaped you. It’s different from the narrative essay where you tell a story. This essay also examines a situation and explains how it even shaped you.

Examples of essay topics:

1. Reflect on a single simple moment with your mother

It doesn’t have to be a grand event, but it has to have an impact which you make evident in the essay. For instance, it may be about a childhood experience when your mother helped a stranger out. Then talk about how their act of kindness has shaped your attitude toward other people.

2. Write about the influence of female celebrities.

In writing this essay, you may need to consider how the words of some female celebrities have struck a chord in you. For instance, did you read Maya Angelou’s poems, and did it change you? Then you have a good case for an essay.

3. Explain how a woman you met by chance has affected you

You could meet someone by chance for a few moments, and your life may be changed forever. For instance, you may start a conversation with a lady on a train, and her story could inspire you and change your life.

Argumentative/persuasive essays

The goal of these essays is to convince the readers. While persuasive essays may allow you to write from your personal views in the first person and support your claims with personal examples, argumentative essays require you to provide evidence for your claims.

Examples of essay topics:

1. Heroines as the ideal role models

Consider heroines in movies and how they can be role models to younger girls. Consider if some roles still stereotype women and if all heroines are equal.

2. Girls rule the world.

Many claim that it’s a man’s world, but it’s also arguable that women are the ones running the world.

3. Empowering females through fashion

Have you ever worn an outfit that makes you feel empowered, wanted, and sexy? What’s the men’s view on this outfit? Consider if fashion choices like hairstyles, heels, and dresses empower women or sexualize them.


These are some fierce topics about women's empowerment that you can write an academic essay about. Using a specific person as the center of your essay may help you drive your point better.

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