Here's Your Grey's Anatomy Trivia Quiz Of The Day! How High Can You Score?

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Can you ace these questions written by real fans?

We put together a trivia challenge for Grey's Anatomy fans, based on real questions we've received from fans themselves.

 Dec 22, 2020

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Who did Meredith name her son after?

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How did Meredith figure out the John Doe was George after the bus accident?
His eyes were a clear source of recognition
She recognized the Texas-shaped birth mark on his hand
He wrote 007 on her hand with his finger

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Why did Teddy and Henry get married?
Henry needed to use her medical insurance
They fell in love
Henry's son needed her medical insurance

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Who discovered Callie living in the hospital?

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Which of these three women did Derek date?
April Kepner
Nurse Rose
Eliza Minnick

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Who did Yang offer to give Owen to in exchange for surgery?

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What board game did the attendings and chief play at their gentleman's night ?

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How did Amelia's boyfriend die before she decided to seek help?
Barin tumor

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How did George save Joe's life?
Donated his body to science
Raised the money through the hospital staff
Convinced Dr. Webber to let it be pro bono

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What is Derek Shepherd’s middle name?

11 of 18Pick your answer!

Who did Carina DeLuca hook up with first?
Owen Hunt
Maya Bishop (Station 19)
Arizona Robbins

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Who’s the messiest housekeeper?

13 of 18Pick your answer!

What color shirt did Meredith recommed to Derek?

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What condition was Amelia unknowingly suffering from when she operated on Nicole Herman?
Brain tumor
Drug addiction

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How did Maggie's mother die?
Heart disease
Breast cancer

16 of 18Pick your answer!

What is the new name of the Harper Avery Award?
The Catherine Fox Award
The Harper Fox Award
The Avery-Grey Award

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Who went to Switzerland with Cristina?

18 of 18Pick your answer!

How did Alex meet Ava?
Ferry boat crash
Joe's bar
Car wreck
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