Grey's Anatomy Quiz: Questions Written By Fans Themselves. Can You Pass?

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Who's up for the challenge?

Grey's Anatomy trivia questions written by fans, for fans. How high can you score on this tricky fan-written quiz?

 Jul 30, 2020

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How many times did Bailey get pregnant?

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What did Alex write in his admission essay?
He raised his siblings after his mom was diagnosed with schizophrenia
He was top of his class at the University of Iowa
He lost a testicle to testicular cancer

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How many times did Izzie Change her dress for prom because she wanted to look nice?

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Who’s panties were on the bulletin board?

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Who did April leave Matthew for at the altar?

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Where did April Kepner grow up?

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During the custody trial how many emergency surgeries did Arizona and Callie have in a 6 month time frame?
92 and 27 (respectively)
83 and 27 (respectively)
95 and 27 (respectively)

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What was Amelia’s first baby daddy’s name?

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What is Lexie and Meredith’s sisters name?

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Why did Meredith and Derek break up the very first time?
Derek found out she didn’t want to be married so he left her
She found out Derek was married
She had to choose between Derek and Finn

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Who carries around a pink cup?

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What did George's dad confess to before he went to surgery?
Wrecking his car
Running over his dog
Cheating on his mom

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What is Derek's mother's name?
Carolyn Maloney Shepherd
Kathleen Shepherd
Nancy Shepherd

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Who was on the disciplinary panel for Ben?
Jackson, Owen and Richard
Richard, Miranda and Catherine
Owen, Meredith and Maggie

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What is the name of the song that Meredith and Cristina dance it out to, that also played in Season 1?
"Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol
"My Funny Valentine" by Frank Sinatra
"Where Does the Good Go" by Tegan and Sara

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What did Mama Burke shave on Christina on her Wedding Day?

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Which intern does Ellis think is her husband Thatcher?
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