Quiz: Will You Be Stumped On This Tricky Fan-Written Grey's Anatomy Trivia?

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Can you come up with a question to stump fellow Grey's fans?

This fan-written Grey's Anatomy quiz is a stumper! Can you ace this trivia submitted by fans themselves?

 Aug 04, 2020

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What is the full name of Callie, Mark and Arizona’s daughter?
Sofia Robbin Torres Sloan
Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres
Sofia Torres Robbin Sloan

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What item did April always carry around with her?
A scrub cap
A small lucky pencil
A small red notebook

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On the first day of residency, who was Izzie's first patient?
A gunshot victim
A deer
A heart transplant

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Were did Lexie go to medical school?

5 of 16Pick your answer!

What caused the near death allergic reaction of Jo and Alex's wedding planner?

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Why did Sadie Harris leave the hospital?
She fell pregnant with Derek's baby
Because she did not having the correct medical training
She had a better job offer

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Who does Meredith gift the sparkle pager to?

8 of 16Pick your answer!

Who hasn't been romantically involved with Andrew DeLuca?
Maggie Pierce
Stephanie Edwards
Meredith Grey

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Why did April Kepner get fired the first time?
She made a dialysis error on a patient
She got distracted and forgot to check a patient's airway
She was late for too many shifts

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Who did Arizona get caught doing the deed with on the couch when Dr. Andrew DeLuca walked in?
His sister
Their coworker
One of her patients

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What was the name of Izzie’s first child?

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Who helps Mark when his daughter has a complication with her pregnancy?

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What was the name of the dog Meredith and Izzie adopted?

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What character has a photographic memory?

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Who did Meredith not sleep with?

16 of 16Pick your answer!

Ben performs surgery on a Psych patient using a _______.
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