Quiz: Can You Honor Derek Shepherd By Acing This Ultimate McDreamy Test?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

It's a beautiful day to... show off your love for Derek Shepherd!

How well do you know the McDreamy Derek Shepherd? Can you ace this ultimate fan-written Grey's Anatomy quiz all about Derek?

 Aug 25, 2020

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What is McDreamy’s full name?
Derek Michael Shepherd
Derek Joseph Shepherd
Derek Christopher Shepherd

2 of 21Pick your answer!

As a child, Derek played which instrument in the school band?

3 of 21Pick your answer!

Who was Derek's childhood best friend?
Mark Sloan
Alex Karev
George O'Malley

4 of 21Pick your answer!

Who are Derek's four sisters?
Nancy, Kathleen, Liz, and Amelia
Lexie, Kathleen, Heather, and Amelia
Margot, Kathleen, Jane, and Amelia

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T/F: All of Derek's sisters are Doctors.

6 of 21Pick your answer!

When he was young, Derek witnesses the death of whom?
His uncle
His father
His teacher

7 of 21Pick your answer!

Derek's mother is named _____.

8 of 21Pick your answer!

Derek's mother worked as a _____ for 25 years.
Navy Nurse
School Teacher

9 of 21Pick your answer!

Where did Derek go to receive his undergraduate degree?
Boston College
Columbia University
Bowdoin College

10 of 21Pick your answer!

Who offered Derek a job at Seattle Grace Hospital?
Miranda Bailey
Preston Burke
Richard Webber

11 of 21Pick your answer!

How did Derek meet his first wife Addison?
They dated in medical school
They were childhood family friends
She dated Mark

12 of 21Pick your answer!

Derek and Addison were married for _____.
4 years
8 years
11 years

13 of 21Pick your answer!

Where did Derek meet Meredith?
In Joe's bar
At the store
At the hospital

14 of 21Pick your answer!

Which intern did Derek choose to join him in surgery on the pilot episode?

15 of 21Pick your answer!

Where did Derek officially propose to Meredith?
Hospital elevator
His trailor
Resident lounge

16 of 21Pick your answer!

What did Derek draw on the bedroom wall?
A proposal
A heart
A tumor

17 of 21Pick your answer!

Which sister donates a nerve to Derek for his surgery following the plane crash?

18 of 21Pick your answer!

Derek teamed up with _____ to create robotic limbs that could move through mind control.

19 of 21Pick your answer!

In what season did Derek become chief?
Season 3
Season 9
Season 6

20 of 21Pick your answer!

Derek has a scar on his forehead from what?
A motorcycle accident
Hitting his head on a diving board
A rope swing

21 of 21Pick your answer!

What is on Derek's favorite scrub cap?
Ferry boats
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